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Sidebar part of Monthly Archive for Octopress.


  1. Copy plugins/monthly_archive.rb and plugins/monthly_generator.rb to your plugins directory.

  2. Copy source/_layouts/monthly_index.html to your source/_layouts/ directory.

  3. Copy source/_includes/custom/asides/monthly_archive.html to your source/_includes/custom/asides/ directory.

  4. Copy source/javascripts/monthly_archive.js to your source/javascripts/ directory, and add a line:

    <script src="{{root_url}}/javascripts/monthly_archive.js"></script>

    to source/_includes/custom/head.html.

  5. Copy sass/plugins/_monthly_archive.scss to your sass/plugins/ directory.

    If you have old octopress (if your sass/screen.scss doesn't have @import "plugins/**/*";), you may need to add

    @import "monthly_archive"

    to sass/plugins/_plugins.scss.



Add custom/asides/monthly_archive.html to default_asdies in _config.yml.


Sidebar view representation

Sidebar view can be set in _config.yml.

Option Possible Values Default Description
monthly_archive_count true/false true Show the number of posts.
monthly_archive_open first/latest/all/nil Define the first view if each year's list is opened or not. first or latest: open only the latest year. all: open all years. nil or any kind of values: close all years.
monthly_archive_format Jan/JAN/January/JANUARY/01/1 JAN Month view format.

Index pages title

A title of the index page can be changed in _config.yml.

The title is formatted like:

"monthly_title_prefix""month(monthly_format)" "year"

Possible options are:

  • monthly_title_prefix (Default: Archive:)
  • monthly_format (Possible values are same as above sidebar part. Default: JAN:)


Check Monthly Arhives in sidebar of the blog: