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octopress-gemoji provides "gemoji" tag to use emoji in Octopress.

📝 There is a similar plugin, jekyll-emoji, which provides filter for emoji description (such :smile:).


  1. Copy plugins/gemoji.rb to your plugins directory, and sass/plugins/_gemoji.scss to your sass/plugins/ directory.

  2. Add a following line to sass/plugins/_plugins.scss:

    @import "gemoji";

  3. Add a line like emoji_dir: /images/emoji to your _config.yml

  4. Add gem 'gemoji' to Gemfile and do bundle install.


📝 _egmoji.scss has settings for emoji class which is used by jekyll-emoji, too. emoji_dir and gemoji are also used by jekyll-emoji.

If you already have these settings for jekyll-emoji, you don't need to add them.


Use tag gemoji + emoji names:

{%gemoji smile%}

will be 😄.

See EMOJI CHEAT SHEET for more emojis.

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Update for gemoji-2.x

From gemoji 2.X, it changed image directory structures and names.

To update octopress-gemoji for it, you need to:

  • Update octopress-gemoji to the latest version.
  • Remove source/images/emoji/ directory from your Octopress.
  • Do at least 1 additional rake generate before the final rake generate for publishing. (This is needed to copy pictures from gemoji to Octopress images directory.)