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1 parent 928dc51 commit 4b07e296fa68559e546b85b59a90cc273161d0aa @rcmdnk committed Nov 25, 2015
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@@ -547,7 +547,7 @@ command! -buffer -range=% HeaderDecrease call s:HeaderDecrease(<line1>, <line2>)
command! -buffer -range=% HeaderIncrease call s:HeaderDecrease(<line1>, <line2>, 1)
command! -buffer -range=% SetexToAtx call s:SetexToAtx(<line1>, <line2>)
command! -buffer TableFormat call s:TableFormat()
-command! -buffer Toc call s:Markdown_Toc()
-command! -buffer Toch call s:Markdown_Toc('horizontal')
-command! -buffer Tocv call s:Markdown_Toc('vertical')
-command! -buffer Toct call s:Markdown_Toc('tab')
+command! -buffer Toc call s:Toc()
+command! -buffer Toch call s:Toc('horizontal')
+command! -buffer Tocv call s:Toc('vertical')
+command! -buffer Toct call s:Toc('tab')

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