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Unified firmware for tzxduino and casduino
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  • V1.54 Maintenance release. Final byte patched again for Dragon and Coco, got switched when testing in v1.51.
  • V1.53 Some rework for Arduino nano every and timers TCA / TCB0 and using last SDFat for better speed.
  • V1.52 New arduino nano EVERY micro supported. Need work for turbo loading. Compressed logo where only even columns are used for load/save with EEPROM. Different config files for new high capacity chips (Riccardo Repetto).
  • V1.51 Dragon TOSEC files with short leader loading now.
  • V1.50 aka "Maria". File auto-scrolling when holding down UP or DOWN buttons (Frank Schröder).
  • V1.49 ID15 adjustment for slow Amstrad musical loaders.
  • V1.48 New chunks for Acorn computers: Implemented parity handling when loading protected games (@acf76es). Remove warnings when compilation from IDE (@llopis).
  • V1.47 Optional BLOCKID_INTO_MEM if loading many turbo short blocks. BLOCK_EEPROM_PUT must be disabled when loading Amstrad cpc Breaking Baud demo. Bug fixed: block counter should not be incremented when pausing.
  • V1.46 OLED 128x64 mode with 8 rows, logo can also be loaded with full resolution (@geloalex, @merlinkv, @acf76es)
  • V1.45 New ID15 testing code, can be deactivated from userconfig.h to save space. Amstrad bugs solved: Deflektor and other cdts now loading.
  • V1.44 New define btnRoot_AS_PIVOT in userconfig.h so it can be deactivated by user. New #define in Maxduino.h to support Antonio Villena's MINIDUINO new design with amplifier and new define OLED_SETCONTRAS in userconfig.h for contrast value override. New Miniduino logo. It's posible to select RECORD_EEPROM and LOAD_EEPROM both for better testing when selecting new logos in userconfig.h, pressing MENU simulates a reset to show logo again.
  • V1.43 aka "Mar Menor". Implemented half-interval (logarithmic) search for dirs and block selection. Now ROOT button used as pivot. Menu functions now activated with ROOT + STOP, new half-interval search with ROOT + UP/DOWN.
  • V1.42 Bugs solved: Rewinding block not showing first digit correctly (@acf76es). LCD printing when block ID not recognized again in hex. First support of 1,3" oled SH1106 but using 128x32 and not 128x64. Backported optimizations from V1.43.
  • V1.41 New logos from zx-uno companion Sugarless (@spark2k06/@yoxxxoy). New SPLASH_SCREEN configuration (@spark2k06). Better .tsx start/stopbits support: Now working with SVI-3x8 machines!
  • V1.40 LCD sketch savings, tsx control/polarity/UEF turbo mode can be changed while paused with menu button. Reworked acorn chunk 116 floating point conversion to integer.
  • V1.39 Optional hq.uef support for Acorn using define (implemented chunks 111 and 116). New userconfig.h with help for easier configuration.
  • V1.38 Code reformatted, cas is optional with new #def Use_CAS. Solved a bug when back with stop button from 4th subdir.
  • V1.37 Minor optimizations for counter format, acorn standard/turbo speed, simplication in polarity handling and now controlled from menu using the same option for tsx acceleration: tsxSPEEDzxPOL.
  • V1.36 Polarity handling with conditional define.
  • V1.35t Acorn speed for loading now 1500 baud, 25% faster (standard is 1200).
  • V1.35 Uncompressed UEF support for Acorn computers.
  • V1.34 alias "EEPROM version". Now blocks can be directly read/written from EEPROM.Also logo can be copied to eeprom using #define option. After that, you can select option for loading logo directly from EEPROM.. this saves 512 bytes in the sketch.
  • V1.33 Blocks for manual REW/FF expanded from 10 upto 20, used as circular buffer. On Oled screen prints upto 99 blocks, overflowing to 00. Selecting a block in pause mode traverse last 20 blocks.
  • V1.32 Deprecated old pskipPause. New block2A pause control managed in menu.
  • V1.31 Modified ID20,2A to support automatic pausing(@spirax). Also swapped REW-FW for block navigation(@acf76es).
  • V1.30 max TSX speed 3850 vs cas speed 3675. Also changed in Menu.
  • V1.29 3-digits counter can be configured to display m:ss with #define CNTRBASE
  • V1.28 Better speeed loading tzx files, more than 5000 baud using PORT instructions

In memoriam

To my father R.I.P. who bought my first ZX spectrum and forced me to learn with his casio programming calc.

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