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An algorithm developed to see if somebody is relatively stronger
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Are You Actually Stronger

An algorithm developed to see if somebody is relatively stronger with adjustments made for Age, Weight, and Gender.

Live Demo


This project came about after going to the gym one day. I overheard two gentlemen (A & B) arguing over who was actually stronger. Objectively, A was stronger because he could bench a larger number but B was about 10 years older and much smaller. B was clearly a runner and A was a power lifter.

Although we can all agree that A is objectively stronger, if you factor in the handicaps of gender, weight, age, etc. is he really that much stronger?

I created this utility to find out. After a substatial amout of research, I developed an algorithm that should even the playing field a litte.


Contributors and feedback welcome 😄. I am currently a full time student as well as working multiple other jobs so I make no guarantees that I'll be able to fix a bug.

Pull requests are the best way to see the change you want in the world.

Features (WIP)

  • Look for any newer research
  • Clean up the source code
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