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Installing giix
Always download the latest release from the extension page at:
Before installing
1) Make sure you read the Yii guide at <>.
2) Read the Gii documentation at <>.
3) Read giix README file. Please give special attention to the "requirements" section.
1) Extract the directory "giix" from the
downloaded archive into your application's protected/extensions directory.
2) Configure the gii generator path in your application, like:
'modules' => array(
'gii' => array(
'class' => 'system.gii.GiiModule',
'generatorPaths' => array(
'ext.giix.generators', // giix generators
3) Configure your application to automatically load the giix component classes
when needed, like:
'import' => array(
'ext.giix.components.*', // giix components
4) Register the giix messages directory, like the example below.
Note: This feature is pending on Yii core (as of Yii 1.1.8 revision 3364). You will need to patch your Yii instalation.
See <> for details and the patch.
'components' => array(
'messages' => array (
// Pending on core:
'extensionBasePaths' => array(
'giix' => 'ext.giix.messages', // giix messages directory.
It is recommended to set at least the 'password' and 'ipFilters' properties
in gii for security.
For more information see the gii documentation at <>.
Additionaly, you may remove the entire 'generators' directory and generator
configuration (step 2 above) when releasing your Web application for improved