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Simple client for passing relevant events from MTG Arena logs to the 17Lands REST endpoint.

Basic Usage

On Windows, simply download and run clickonce/setup.exe. This version will have a console window that shows you everything that's being uploaded. You can kick this off before you start MTG Arena and have it run while you play. It can be configured to run at startup and will prompt you when updates are available.

Advanced Usage

Requires Python 3.6+, along with the requests package.

You can kick this off before you start MTG Arena and have it run in the background while you play. If you have Python installed, you can simply run the script directly. If you want to run through a terminal, the command would just be as follows:


Additional options are available by passing the -h flag to the program.

The log messages will show you what's being sent to the server. You can see more information about the data it's submitting here:


Licensed under GNU GPL v3.0 (see included LICENSE).

This MTGA log follower is unofficial Fan Content permitted under the Fan Content Policy. Not approved/endorsed by Wizards. Portions of the materials used are property of Wizards of the Coast. ©Wizards of the Coast LLC. See for more details.

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