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Rust version of THU uCore OS. Linux compatible.
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Rust version of THU uCore OS Plus.

Going to be the next generation teaching operating system.

Supported architectures and boards:




Setup on Linux or macOS:

$ rustup component add rust-src llvm-tools-preview
$ cargo install cargo-binutils cargo-xbuild

Or use Docker container:

$ docker run -it -v $PWD:$PWD -w $PWD wangrunji0408/rcore

How to run

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd rCore/user
$ make sfsimg prebuilt=1 arch={riscv32,riscv64,x86_64,aarch64,mipsel}
$ cd ../kernel
$ make run arch={riscv32,riscv64,x86_64,aarch64,mipsel}


Module Maintainer
x86_64 @wangrunji0408
RISC-V @jiegec
ARM (Raspi3) @equation314
MIPS @Harry_Chen @miskcoo
Memory, Process, File System @wangrunji0408
Network with drivers @jiegec
GUI @equation314


This is a project of THU courses:

Reports and Dev docs (in Chinese)

It's based on BlogOS , a demo project in the excellent tutorial Writing an OS in Rust (First Edition).


The source code is dual-licensed under MIT or the Apache License (Version 2.0).

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