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@@ -3,8 +3,11 @@ jomMobile browser version for developers
What is it?
-A stripped down version of the [jomMobile app](
-It is ready for 3rd party developers to develop plugins for their extensions.
+A stripped down version of the [jomMobile app]( that runs on any browser.
+It is an SDK that allows developers to build plugins for their Joomla extensions that can run in the jomMobile app.
+**Why in the browser?**
+Developing plugins in your browser will make development faster as Joomla developers are already used to the web languages, also debuggins is much easier when using a browser. Read the 'Test your plugin on a device' section if you want to develop using your mobile device.
@@ -48,9 +51,14 @@ This is how jomMobile will use any 3rd party plugin:
- For the purposes of development, the browser cannot download HTML files from a website, so you will need to manually create a folder with the name of your Joomla plugin in the www/ folder of this repo.
- When packaging the plugin for release, you will need to copy the contents of your plugins folder into a 'html' folder inside your Joomla plugin, these files will be downloaded by the device.
-Want to test your plugin on a device?
+Once you are done building your plugin you can fork this repo and send us a pull request with it and we will add it to our [plugins page](
+Test your plugin on a device
[Contact us]( and we can send you a development version of jomMobile for you to test on your iOS or Android device.
+Only iOS and Android are supported.

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