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Dear benoit, please ignore, I recompiled clean and it went away.
==> rcouch (compile)
==> rel (generate)

real 14m19.742s
user 9m51.910s
sys 0m26.150s

just compiled rcouch on samsung 4412 quad arrnv7l core. both with ICU and without.

always get [[],<<"{"error":"unknown_error","reason":"couch_collate_not_loaded"}">>,[],10]
==> couchjs, couch_collate (compile)

linaro@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~/rcouch/rel/rcouch/bin$ locate couch_collate


used libicu-dev

I remember this on raspberry pi early debian version.

you may have some ideas. I can test for you if you need anything done.
This machine has wx and can run observer and redbug.
I wanted multicore arm so i could run these.


benoitc commented Feb 17, 2013

do you have icu-config available?

On 17/02/13 09:19, Benoit Chesneau wrote:

do you have icu-config available?

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub refuge#19 (comment).

yes it is available.

This problem was caused by compiling without ICU present, then installing ICU and not clean compiling.

Deleting the deps and recompiling fixed the problem.

Thank you for your response, sorry to have troubled you.

David Martin


benoitc commented Feb 26, 2013

np. I will put online a new way to build the icu dep tomorrow. Should detect if icu is found or not.

aerosol commented Mar 5, 2013

+1 on icu detection

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