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Couch_collate_not_loaded #19

davidoccam opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Dear benoit, please ignore, I recompiled clean and it went away.
==> rcouch (compile)
==> rel (generate)

real 14m19.742s
user 9m51.910s
sys 0m26.150s

just compiled rcouch on samsung 4412 quad arrnv7l core. both with ICU and without.

always get [[],<<"{\"error\":\"unknown_error\",\"reason\":\"couch_collate_not_loaded\"}">>,[],10]
==> couchjs, couch_collate (compile)

linaro@linaro-ubuntu-desktop:~/rcouch/rel/rcouch/bin$ locate couch_collate


used libicu-dev

I remember this on raspberry pi early debian version.

you may have some ideas. I can test for you if you need anything done.
This machine has wx and can run observer and redbug.
I wanted multicore arm so i could run these.


do you have icu-config available?


np. I will put online a new way to build the icu dep tomorrow. Should detect if icu is found or not.


+1 on icu detection

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