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CouchDB core for refuge and static distributions of CouchDB using rebar
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couch_core is a static distribution of couchdb using rebar. It aims to be embed in your applications or be part of custom distribution of couchdb.

couch_core is brought you by the Refugre project/

Based on the couchdb code it is tagged from time to time for stability purpose. At some point some supported branch may appear.

couch_core differs from refuge by only focusing on Apache CouchDB. It won't contain any of the refuge features like P2P nodes handling, ... . Internally we are using it to test couchdb and as an example on how to embed couchdb in your own applications. A working release example is provided.


  • Apache CouchDB based
  • rebar
  • relocatable
  • Fully opensource. All the sources are on refuge GIT repository ( under Apache License 2.


  • OS supported: Linux, OSX, BSDs (windows support is coming)
  • Erlang R14
  • Curl
  • ICU (if not built statically)
  • Latest version of rebar installed on your system.

An example of release file is provided in the example folder.

Notes on building a truly distributable package

The package built above will still depend on some libraries from your system, so additional work has to be done to distribute it to older/newer systems.

  1. CouchDB will depend on the ICU library version that was present in your system at build time. To easily bundle this library with the package, build with:

     $ make rel USE_STATIC_ICU=1
  2. Check whether your package depends on Ncurses:

     $ ldd ./rel/couch/erts-*/bin/erlexec|grep ncurses

    If it does, copy the .so file to ./rel/myapp/lib/ or rebuild Erlang without this dependency.

  3. Decide whether you need SSL support in your package and check whether it depends on OpenSSL:

     $ ldd ./rel/couch/lib/ssl-*/priv/bin/ssl_esock|grep 'libcrypto\|libssl'

    If it does, copy the .so file to ./rel/couch/lib/ or rebuild Erlang without this dependency.

If you copied any .so files in the last 2 steps, run this command, so that your app can find the libraries:

$ sed -i '/^RUNNER_USER=/a\\nexport LD_LIBRARY_PATH="$RUNNER_BASE_DIR/lib"' ./rel/couch/bin/couch
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