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Rcouch ?

Rcouch is an alternative distribution of Apache CouchDB based for now on the 1.3 release. The goal of Rcouch is to provides a simple way to customize CouchDB to your needs and easily include it in your own architecture. Today you can embed couchdb in your Erlang Application or add your own extensions to it and deploy a static release on multiple platforms.

supported platforms

Rcouch supports the following platorms:

  • Linux x86 & x86_64, armv5, armv7a, armv8
  • Freebsd i386/amd64, OpenBSD i386/amd64 (netbsd not tested)
  • Solaris
  • MacOSX 10.7 and sup

Coming support:

  • Windows
  • Android (ndk8 and sup), iOS 7

Rcouch works with the R15x and R16x versions of Erlang.


Installation is pretty simple. Just run the command line:

$ make
$ make rel

and it will generate an rcouch folder in rel/rcouch. This release is fully relocatable, so you can put it where you want on your system.

To create package for your system run make package . For now we build packages for OSX, Debian, Redhat & Solaris.

More info on the Installation page.

Changes from Apache CouchDB

Main changes from Apache CouchDB are:

Hacking docs