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Adding knn queries capability.

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-Welcome to the world of GeoCouch
+Refuge Spatial
-GeoCouch is a spatial extension for Apache CouchDB and Couchbase.
+Refuge Spatial is a fork of GeoCouch.
+GeoCouch is a spatial extension for Apache CouchDB, Couchbase and Refuge.
-A working installation of CouchDB with corresponding source
-code. GeoCouch works best with Couchbase and the latest stable releases of
-CouchDB (should be >= 1.1.0).
-### Understanding the branches:
-This repository contains several branches, please make sure you use
-the correct one:
- - master: works with the CouchDB master branch from Couchbase's repo
- (
- - couchdb1.1.x: works with Apache CouchDB 1.1.x
- - coucudb1.2.x: should work with the current Apache CouchDB trunk version,
- but currently doesn't.
-### Get GeoCouch:
- git clone
- cd geocouch
-### Compilation
-Note: Always replace `<vanilla-couch>` with the path to your CouchDB
-source and `<geocouch>` with the location of the GeoCouch source.
-Set the `COUCH_SRC` environment to the directory that contains the
-CouchDB core source (`<vanilla-couch>/src/couchdb/`).
- export COUCH_SRC=<vanilla-couch>/src/couchdb
-Run "make" in your <geocouch> directory
- make
-Copy the configuration file for GeoCouch from
-`<geocouch>/etc/couchdb/local.d/` to
- cp <geocouch>/etc/couchdb/local.d/geocouch.ini <vanilla-couch>/etc/couchdb/local.d/
-### Futon tests
+A working installation of CouchDB with corresponding source code.
+At least:
-To make sure your installation is working also copy the Futon tests
-over (from `<geocouch>/share/www/script/test` to
- cp <geocouch>/share/www/script/test/* <vanilla-couch>/share/www/script/test/
-Add the test to `<vanilla-couch>/share/www/script/couch_tests.js`
- loadTest("spatial.js");
- loadTest("list_spatial.js");
- loadTest("etags_spatial.js");
- loadTest("multiple_spatial_rows.js");
- loadTest("spatial_compaction.js");
- loadTest("spatial_design_docs.js");
- loadTest("spatial_bugfixes.js");
-### Run CouchDB with GeoCouch
-The compiled beam files from GeoCouch need to be in Erlang's path,
-which can be set with the `ERL_FLAGS` environment variable:
- export ERL_FLAGS="-pa <geocouch>/build"
-If you run a dev instance with CouchDB's `./utils/run` you can also
-define it on startup:
- ERL_FLAGS="-pa <geocouch>/build" <vanilla-couch>/utils/run
+* CouchDB 1.2.x
+* Refuge 0.3
Using GeoCouch
@@ -106,6 +41,15 @@ It should return:
+Or trigger a k-nearest-neighbour-query to request the n nearest geometries
+relative to a given query point:
+ curl -X GET 'http://localhost:5984/places/_design/main/_spatial/points?n=2&q=50,10&spherical=true'
+If the parameter `spherical=true` is set, the [Haversine formula](
+is used to calculate spherical distances for nearest-neighbour-queries. In this case the geometries are
+expected to use the coordinate system [WGS 84](
The Design Document Function
@@ -169,6 +113,17 @@ The bounding with the same numbers, but different order
+The `plane_bounds` parameter is also supported for k-nearest-neighbour-queries. Note that you don't have
+to set the `plane_bounds` parameter when `spherical=true` is enabled.
+ curl -X GET 'http://localhost:5984/places/_design/main/_spatial/points?n=3&q=175,-25&plane_bounds=-180,-90,180,90'
+ {"update_seq":6,"rows":[
+ {"id":"australia","bbox":[135,-25,135,-25],"geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[135,-25]},"value":"australia"},
+ {"id":"oakland","bbox":[-122.270833,37.804444,-122.270833,37.804444],"geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-122.270833,37.804444]},"value":"oakland"},
+ {"id":"brasilia","bbox":[-52.95,-10.65,-52.95,-10.65],"geometry":{"type":"Point","coordinates":[-52.95,-10.65]},"value":"brasilia"}
+ ]}
List function support
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