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/* ==========================================
 * JGraphT : a free Java graph-theory library
 * ==========================================
 * Project Info:
 * Project Creator:  Barak Naveh (
 * (C) Copyright 2003-2010, by Barak Naveh and Contributors.
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
 * under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
 * WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY
 * or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public
 * License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
 * along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
 * 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
/* ~~~~~~~~~~~
 * README.html
 * ~~~~~~~~~~~
 * (C) Copyright 2003-2006, by Barak Naveh and Contributors.
 * Original Author:  Barak Naveh
 * Contributor(s):   John V. Sichi
 * $Id$
 * Changes
 * ~~~~~~~
 * 28-Jul-2003 : Initial revision (BN);
 * 05-Aug-2003 : Version 0.4.1 notes (BN);
 * 14-Aug-2003 : Version 0.5.0 notes (BN);
 * 27-Aug-2003 : Upgrading versions (BN);
 * 06-Nov-2003 : Version 0.5.1 notes (BN);
 * 10-Feb-2004 : Version 0.5.2 notes (BN);
 * 16-Jul-2005 : Version 0.6.0 notes (JVS);
 * 03-Jul-2006 : Version 0.7.0 notes (JVS);
 * 20-Mar-2007 : Version 0.7.1 notes (JVS);
 * 29-Sep-2007 : Version 0.7.2 notes (JVS);
 * 27-Jan-2008 : Version 0.7.3 notes (JVS);
 * 28-Sep-2008 : Version 0.8.0 notes (JVS);
 * 03-Jul-2009 : Version 0.8.1 notes (JVS);
 * 27-Jul-2010 : Version 0.8.2 notes (JVS);
 * 19-Jan-2012 : Version 0.8.3 notes (JVS);

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  <title>JGraphT Release Notes</title>
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  <h1><font size="2"><br></font><font size="7"><font color=
  "#CC3399">J</font>Graph<font color="#FFCC00">T</font></font>  0.8.3<br>
  <font size="3"> </font></h1> 

  <p>Released: January, 2012</p>

  <p>Written by Barak Naveh (<a href=
  and Contributors.</p>

  <p>(C) Copyright 2003-2012, by Barak Naveh and Contributors. All rights

  <p>Please address all contributions, suggestions, and inquiries to the
  current project administrator, <a
  href="">John Sichi</a>.</p>


  <p>JGraphT is a free Java class library that provides mathematical
  graph-theory objects and algorithms. It runs on Java 2 Platform
  (requires JDK 1.6 or later).</p>

  <p>JGraphT is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
  License (LGPL). A copy of the <a href="license-LGPL.txt">license</a> is
  included in the download.</p>

  <p>Please note that JGraphT is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even
  Please refer to the license for details.</p>


  <table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" style=
  "border-collapse: collapse; margin-left:1em;" bordercolor="#7AA1E6" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">
      <td valign="top"><b><code>jgrapht-jdk1.6.jar</code></b></td>

      <td>the compiled JGraphT library for JRE 1.6</td>

      <td valign="top"><b><code>README.html</code></b></td>

      <td>this file</td>

      <td valign="top"><b><code>licence-LGPL.txt</code></b></td>

      <td>GNU Lesser General Public License</td>

      <td valign="top"><b><code>javadoc/</code></b></td>

      <td>Javadoc documentation</td>

      <td valign="top"><b><code>lib/</code></b></td>

        libraries required for build:

        <ul compact>



      <td valign="top"><b><code>src/</code></b></td>

      <td>source code</td>

      <td valign="top"><code><b>testsrc/</b></code></td>

      <td>source code of unit tests</td>

      <td valign="top"><code><b>META-INF/MANIFEST.MF</b></code></td>
      <td>meta information for use as an OSGi plug-in (e.g. within an Eclipse RCP application)</td>
      <td valign="top"><code><b></b></code></td>
      <td>describes content of OSGi plug-in export</td>

      <td valign="top"><code><b>build.xml</b></code></td>

      <td>ant buildfile</td>


  <h2>Getting Started</h2>

  <p>The package <code>org.jgrapht.demo</code> includes small demo
  applications to help you get started. If you spawn your own demo app and
  think others can use it, please send it to us and we will add it to that

  <h2>Upgrading Versions</h2>

  <p>To help upgrading, JGraphT maintains a one-version-backwards
  compatibility. While this compatibility is not a hard promise, it is generally
  respected. (This policy was not followed for the jump from 0.6.0 to 0.7.0
  due to the pervasive changes required for generics.) You can upgrade via:</p>

      <p><b>The safe way</b> : compile your app with the JGraphT
      version that immediately follows your existing version and
      follow the deprecation notes, if they exist, and modify your
      application accordingly. Then move to the next version, and on,
      until you're current.</p>

      <p><b>The fast way</b> : go to the latest JGraphT right away - if it
      works, you're done.</p>

  <p>Reading the <a href="#history">change history</a> is always


  <p>A local copy of the Javadoc HTML files is included in this distribution.
  The latest version of these files is also available on-line at <a href=


    <li>JGraphT requires JDK 1.6 or later to build.<br>

    <li>JUnit is a unit testing framework. You need JUnit only if you want to
    run the unit tests. The <code>junit.jar</code> runtime file is included in
    this distribution. JUnit is licensed under the terms of the IBM Common
    Public License. You can find out more about JUnit and/or download the
    latest version from <a href=
    ""></a>. The JUnit tests included
    with JGraphT have been created using JUnit 3.8.1.<br>

    <li>XMLUnit extends JUnit with XML capabilities. You need XMLUnit
    only if you want to run the unit tests. The
    <code>xmlunit-1.0.jar</code> runtime file is included in this
    distribution. XMLUnit is licensed under the terms of the BSD
    License. You can find out more about XMLUnit and/or download the
    latest version from <a href=

    <li>JGraph is a graph visualization and editing component. You
    need JGraph only if you want to create graph visualizations using
    the JGraphT-to-JGraph adapter. The <code>jgraph.jar</code> runtime
    file of JGraph is included in this distribution (file
    lib/lib-readme.txt has version information). JGraph is licensed
    under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
    (LGPL). You can find more about JGraph and/or download the latest
    version from <a href=

    <li>Touchgraph is a graph visualization and layout component. You
    need Touchgraph only if you want to create graph visualizations
    using the JGraphT-to-Touchgraph converter. The
    <code>TGGraphLayout.jar</code> runtime file of Touchgraph is included
    in this distribution (file lib/lib-readme.txt has version
    information). Touchgraph is licensed under the terms of an Apache-style
    License. You can find more about Touchgraph
    and/or download the latest version from <a href=

  <h2>Online Resources</h2>

  <p>The JGraphT website is at: <a href=
  ""></a>. You can
  use this site to:</p>

    <li><b>Obtain the latest version</b> : latest version and all previous
    versions of JGraphT are available online.</li>

    <li><b>Report bugs</b> : if you have any comments, suggestions or bugs you
    want to report.</li>

    <li><b>Get support</b> : if you have questions or need help with

  <p>There is also a <a href="">wiki</a> set up
  for everyone in the JGraphT community to share information about the

  <h2>Your Improvements</h2>

  <p>If you add improvements to JGraphT please send them to us. We will add them
  to the next release so that everyone can enjoy them. You might also benefit
  from it: others may fix bugs in your source files or may continue to enhance

  <h2><a name="history"></a>History</h2>

  <p>Changes to JGraphT in each version:</p>

    <li><b>version 0.8.4</b> (under development): 

    <li><b>version 0.8.3</b> (20-Jan-2012): fix regression in
    DOTExporter inadvertently introduced by 0.8.2 changes.  Add 
    GridGraphGenerator, contributed by Assaf Mizrachi.
    Return coloring from ChromaticNumber, contributed by Harshal Vora.
    Fix bugs in KSP, contributed by Guillaume Boulmier; note that
    these bugfixes worsen the running time.  Fix an object identity
    bug in CycleDetector, contributed by Matt Sarjent.
    Add StoerWagnerMinimumCut, contributed by Robby McKilliam.
    Fix MANIFEST.MF, spotted by Olly.  Make
    FloydWarshallShortestPaths.getShortestPaths unidirectional,
    contributed by Yuriy Nakonechnyy.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.8.2</b> (27-Nov-2010): Clean up
    FibonacciHeapNode constructor, as suggested by Johan
    Henriksson.  Optimize and enhance FloydWarshallShortestPaths,
    contributed by Soren Davidsen.  Optimize ChromaticNumber,
    pointed out by  Add unit test for 
    FloydWarshallShortestPaths for bug noticed by
    Andrea Pagani.  Add vertex factory validation to
    RandomGraphGenerator to prevent a confusing problem
    encountered by Andrea Pagani.  Add KruskalMinimumSpanningTree and
    UnionFind, contributed by Tom Conerly.  Add attributes to
    DOTExporter, based on suggestion from Chris Lott.  Fix
    inefficient assertion in TopologicalOrderIterator, spotted by 
    Peter Lawrey.  Fix induced subgraph bug with addition of edge
    to underlying graph, contributed by Michele Mancioppi.
    Make getEdgeWeight delegate to DefaultWeightedEdge.getWeight,
    spotted by Michael Lindig.  Add maven support,
    contributed by Adrian Marte.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.8.1</b> (3-Jul-2009): Enhanced GmlExporter with
    customized labels and ID's, contributed by Trevor Harmon.  Added
    new algorithms HamiltonianCycle, ChromaticNumber and
    EulerianCircuit, plus new generators HyperCubeGraphGenerator,
    StarGraphGenerator, and CompleteBipartiteGraphGenerator, all
    contributed by Andrew Newell.  Fix bug with vertices which are
    equals but not identity-same in graphs allowing loops, spotted by
    Michael Michaud.  Fix bug in EquivalenceIsomorphismInspector,
    reported by Tim Engler.  Add toString for shortest paths wrapper,
    spotted by Achim Beutel.  Add FloydWarshallShortestPaths,
    contributed by Tom Larkworthy.  Enhance DijskstraShortestPath to
    support GraphPath interface.  Add GraphUnion (with directed and
    undirected variants), contributed by Ilya Razenshteyn.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.8.0</b> (Sept-2008): Moved to JDK 1.6.  Fixed
    problem with RandomGraphGenerator reported by Mario Rossi.  Added
    CompleteGraphGenerator, contributed by Tim Shearouse.  Fixed
    FibonacciHeap performance problem reported by Jason Lenderman.
    Made DotExporter reject illegal vertex ID's, contributed by Holger
    Brandl.  Fixed bogus assertion for topological sort over empty
    graph, spotted by Harris Lin.  Added scale-free graph generator
    and EdmondsKarpMaximumFlow, contributed by Ilya Razenshteyn.
    Added DirectedAcyclicGraph, contributed by Peter Giles.  Added
    protected getWeight accessor to DefaultWeightedEdge, likewise
    getSource and getTarget on DefaultEdge.  Optimized iterators to
    skip calling event firing routines when there are no listeners,
    and used ArrayDeque in a number of places, per suggestion from
    Ross Judson.  Improvements to StrongConnectivityInspector and OSGi
    bundle support contributed by Christian Soltenborn.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.7.3</b> (Jan-2008): Patch to
    JGraphModelAdapter.removeVertex provided by Hookahey.  Added
    ParanoidGraph.  Removed obsolete ArrayUtil (spotted by Boente).
    Added GraphPath, and used it to fix mistake in 0.7.2
    (k-shortest-paths was returning a private data structure,
    as discovered by numerous users).  Fixed
    EdgeReversedGraph.getAllEdges (spotted by  Fixed incorrect assertion in
    TopologicalOrderIterator constructor.  Enabled assertions
    in JUnit tests.  Fixed NPE in BellmanFordShortestPath.getCost.
    Fixed a few problems spotted by findbugs.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.7.2</b> (Sept-2007): Added
    TransitiveClosure, contributed by Vinayak Borkar.  Added
    biconnectivity/cutpoint inspection, k-shortest-paths, and masked
    subgraphs, all contributed by Guillaume Boulmier.  Made some
    Graphs helper methods even more generic, as suggested by JongSoo.
    Test and fixes for (Directed)NeighborIndex submitted by Andrew
    Berman.  Added AsUnweighted(Directed)Graph and AsWeightedGraph,
    contributed by Lucas Scharenbroich.  Dropped support for retroweaver.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.7.1</b> (March-2007): Fixed some bugs in
    CycleDetector reported by Khanh Vu, and added more testcases for
    it.  Fixed bugs in DepthFirstIterator reported by Welson Sun, and
    added WHITE/GRAY/BLACK states and vertexFinished listener event.
    Exposed Subgraph.getBase(), and parameterized Subgraph on graph
    type (per suggestion from Aaron Harnly).  Added EdgeReversedView.
    Added GmlExporter (contributed by Dimitrios Michail), plus
    DOTExporter and GraphMLExporter (both contributed by Trevor
    Harmon).  Enhanced TopologicalOrderIterator to take an optional
    Queue parameter for tie-breaking (per suggestion from JongSoo
    Park).  Fixed some documentation errors reported by Guillaume

    <li><b>version 0.7.0</b> (July-2006) : Upgraded to JDK 1.5
    (generics support added by Christian Hammer with help from Hartmut
    Benz and John Sichi).  Added (Directed)NeighborIndex and
    MatrixExporter, contributed by Charles Fry.  Added BellmanFord,
    contributed by Guillaume Boulmier of France Telecom.  Removed
    never-used LabeledElement.  Renamed package from org._3pq.jgrapht
    to org.jgrapht.  Made various breaking change to interfaces; edge
    collections are now Sets, not Lists.  Added Touchgraph converter,
    contributed by Carl Anderson</li>

    <li><b>version 0.6.0</b> (July-2005) : Upgraded to JDK 1.4, taking
    advantage of its new linked hash set/map containers to make
    edge/vertex set order-deterministic. Added support for custom edge
    lists.  Fixed various serialization and Subgraph issues. Added to
    <code>JGraphModelAdapter</code> support for JGraph's "dangling"
    edges; its constructors have slightly changed and now forbid
    <code>null</code> values. Improved interface to
    <code>DijskstraShortestPath</code>, and added radius support to
    <code>ClosestFirstIterator</code>.  Added new
    <code>StrongConnectivityInspector</code> algorithm (contributed by
    Christian Soltenborn) and <code>TopologicalOrderIterator</code>
    (contributed by Marden Neubert).  Deleted deprecated
    <code>TraverseUtils</code>.  Upgraded to JGraph</li>

    <li><b>version 0.5.3</b> (June-2004) : Removed Subgraph verification of
    element's identity to base graph, upgraded to JGraph 4.0, Added the
    VisioExporter which was contributed by Avner Linder, minor bug fixes and

    <li><b>version 0.5.2</b> (March-2004) : Serialization improvements, fixes
    to subgraphs and listenable graphs, added support for JGraph-&gt;JGraphT
    change propagation for JGraph adapter (contributed by Erik Postma),
    upgraded to JGraph 3.1, various bug fixes and improvements.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.5.1</b> (November-2003) : Semantics of Graph.clone() has
    changed, please check the documentation if you're using it. Added
    Dijkstra's shortest path, vertex cover approximations, new graph generation
    framework, upgraded to JGraph 3.0, various bug fixes and API

    <li><b>version 0.5.0</b> (14-Aug-2003) : a new connectivity inspector
    added, edge API refactored to be simpler, an improved ant build, an
    improved event model, all known bugs were fixed, documentation
    clarifications, other small improvements. API of 0.5.0 is not 100% backward
    compatible with 0.4.1 but upgrade is simple and straightforward.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.4.1</b> (05-Aug-2003) : A new adapter to JGraph that
    provides graph visualizations, new depth-first and breadth-first iteration
    algorithms, various bug fixes and refactoring, moved unit-tests to a
    separate folder hierarchy and added more unit-tests.</li>

    <li><b>version 0.4.0</b> (July-2003) : Initial public release.</li>


  <p>JGraphT wouldn't be the library it is today without the source
  contributions and suggestions made by the authors:</p>

    <li><a href="">Barak Naveh</a> 
        (project founder)</li>

    <li><a href="">John V
    Sichi</a> (current project administrator)</li>

    <li><a href="">Liviu

    <li><a href="">Nathan

    <li><a href="">Michael

    <li><a href="">Linda

    <li>Erik Postma</li>

    <li>Mikael Hansen</li>

    <li>Avner Linder</li>

    <li>Marden Neubert</li>

    <li><a href="">Christian

    <li><a href="">Christian

    <li>Ewgenij Proschak</li>

    <li><a href="">Hartmut

    <li><a href="">Charles

    <li>Guillaume Boulmier</li>

    <li>Carl Anderson</li>

    <li>Khanh Vu</li>

    <li>Aaron Harnly</li>

    <li>Dimitrios Michail</li>

    <li>Welson Sun</li>

    <li>Trevor Harmon</li>

    <li>David Black-Schaffer</li>

    <li>Vinayak Borkar</li>

    <li>Andrew Berman</li>

    <li>Lucas Scharenbroich</li>


    <li>Tim Shearouse</li>

    <li>Holger Brandl</li>

    <li>Ilya Razenshteyn</li>

    <li>Peter Giles</li>

    <li>Andrew Newell</li>

    <li>Tim Engler</li>

    <li>Tom Larkworthy</li>

    <li>Soren Davidsen</li>

    <li>Andrea Pagani</li>

    <li>Tom Conerly</li>

    <li>Michele Mancioppi</li>

    <li>Adrian Marte</li>

    <li>Assaf Mizrachi</li>

    <li>Harshal Vora</li>

    <li>Matt Sarjent</li>

    <li>Robby McKilliam</li>

    <li>Yuriy Nakonechnyy</li>


  <p>(if we have missed your name on this list, please email us to get it

  <p dir="ltr">Other people have also helped in different ways: reporting bugs,
  requesting features, commenting, and by merely asking very good questions.
  Many thanks to all of you.</p>

  <a href="">Barak Naveh</a><br>
  JGraphT Project Creator<br><br>
  <a href="">John Sichi</a><br>
  JGraphT Project Administrator</p>

  <p> </p>
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