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New York City Council Legistar Data Munge
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NYCC Legistar Data

Plan Abstraction

  1. Scrape HTML and read into R (BeautifulSoup / HTMLtoTABLE)
  2. Convert date into POSIXct format
  3. Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Histograms of variables
    • Look for outliers

NYCC Calendered Meetings


  • Number of deferrals by group
  • Time-series analysis by group (how many meetings held / year)
  • Total number of meetings

Types of Meetings

  • Oversight
  • Executive Budget Hearings
  • Multiple hearings

NYCC Legislation


  • Text analysis by administration (Bloomberg, Guiliani)
  • Time-series analysis of text
  • Resolution: Introduction ratio
  • Number of dead bills on the floor
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