Send a deployment annotation to Librato using Phing
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Librato Annotations

This class allows you to send annotations to Librato from Phing

I use this to mark deployments when I put my code onto production servers. I can easily see from my dashboard / graphs if the last deployment has affected performance.


I have only tested this with installation through Composer, so know guarantees whether this will work not installed through Composer.

    "require": {
        "rcrowe/librato-annotation": "0.1.2",
        "phing/phing": "2.4.14"
    "minimum-stability": "dev"

Define the the Librato task in your buildfile:

<taskdef name="librato" classname="rcrowe\Librato\AnnotationTask" />


To send an annotation to Librato you need to define your username and your API key. Your API key can be found on your Librato account page.

Setting your detatils globally:

<property name="librato.username" value="" />
<property name="librato.password" value="12345abcdef" />

Doing it this way means you only have to do it once, and can then call Librarto multiple times. However, you can do this inline as well:

<librato username="" password="12345abcdef" .... />


<librato name="deployment" title="Deployment" desc="Deployed to live" />

If there is an error trying to send the annotation to Librarto the default is to carry on processing the Phing buildfile. You can change this behaviour with haltonerror:

<librato name="deployment" title="Deployment" desc="Deployed to live" haltonerror="true" />