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package metrics
import "sync/atomic"
// Gauges hold an int64 value that can be set arbitrarily.
// This is an interface so as to encourage other structs to implement
// the Gauge API as appropriate.
type Gauge interface {
Value() int64
// The standard implementation of a Gauge uses the sync/atomic package
// to manage a single int64 value.
type StandardGauge struct {
value int64
// Create a new gauge.
func NewGauge() *StandardGauge {
return &StandardGauge{0}
// Update the gauge's value.
func (g *StandardGauge) Update(v int64) {
atomic.StoreInt64(&g.value, v)
// Return the gauge's current value.
func (g *StandardGauge) Value() int64 {
return atomic.LoadInt64(&g.value)
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