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Mustache in POSIX shell.

There's (as of this writing) only one call to a non-builtin which is probably enough to claim this is fast enough for most uses. requires GNU sed(1).


make && sudo make install


From the command-line:

FOO="foo" BAR="bar" <"tests/test.mustache"

As a library:

. "lib/"
FOO="foo" BAR="bar"
mustache <"tests/test.mustache"


Deviations from spec

  • accepts input data via the environment, not via YAML frontmatter. This makes sense for shell programmers but may render this Mustache implementation unsuitable for other use.
  • does not descend into a new scope within {{#tag}} or {{^tag}} sections. This again makes sense when being driven by environment variables.
  • doesn't support the --compile or --tokens command-line options and does not accept input file(s) as arguments.
  • doesn't care about escaping output as HTML.
  • will execute tag names surrounded by backticks as shell commands.
  • doesn't support list sections in the traditional sense: it requires the section tag be a shell command and processes the section once for each line on standard output with the line available in _M_LINE.


  • Lambdas. What is this I don't even.
  • Partials. This is related to supporting shell commands as variables.
  • Set delimeter. This would be very hard to support in general because of the pervasive assumption that tag delimeters are two characters long.


  • Variable tags.
  • Section tags.
  • Inverted section tags.
  • Comment tags.
  • Nested sections. Recursion, motherfucker. Do you speak it?
  • List sections. The section tag must be a shell command. The section is processed once for each line on standard output with the line available in _M_LINE.

License is BSD-licensed.