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Locale handling
The Flickr Uploadr has official builds for the following locales:
en-US US English
de-de German
es-us Spanish
fr-fr French
it-it Italian
ko-kr Korean
pt-br Portuguese
zh-hk Traditional Chinese
If you want to translate the Uploadr into another language, there
are several files that you'll need to edit. To customize the
Flickr-specific strings, you'll need to edit these files:
for an example, see the Korean versions:
The proxy.dtd file is based on two files from the Firefox 2 locale bundle:
(Only the last 3 strings come from advanced.dtd, all the rest are from
You can get hold of this inside the language JAR of a Firefox 2 or 3
install (inside the 'chrome' folder) to avoid having to translate the
strings yourself.
XULRunner also contains some non-flickr-specific strings which need
translating. The versions for currently supported languages can be
found here:
And instructions for how to create and build these bundles can be found
At this time, we're not making final builds available in other
locales, but this may change in the near future if we get
interest. If we do, we'll need to get a version of the XULRunner
bundle for that locale into SVN.
To submit community translations, start a topic in the forum:
Translations (by richard)
I've just been pulling the translated DTD and PROPERTIES files from a
production WWW server and running them through strings_import.php.
Note that in the German translation, the help page is messed up because
they insist on removing the ^^ wrappers around some sections of the
text. Replace these or you'll see "undefined" in several places in the
Also note that " must be escaped with ". This led me to believe
that & could be escaped with & but this is not the case. Don't
use & in the main.dtd files - spell out "and" instead.