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import aetycoon
import datetime
import hashlib
import re
from google.appengine.ext import db
from google.appengine.ext import deferred
import config
import generators
import markup
import static
import utils
if config.default_markup in markup.MARKUP_MAP:
DEFAULT_MARKUP = config.default_markup
class BlogDate(db.Model):
"""Contains a list of year-months for published blog posts."""
def get_key_name(cls, post):
return '%d/%02d' % (post.published_tz.year, post.published_tz.month)
def create_for_post(cls, post):
inst = BlogDate(key_name=BlogDate.get_key_name(post))
return inst
def datetime_from_key_name(cls, key_name):
year, month = key_name.split("/")
return datetime.datetime(int(year), int(month), 1, tzinfo=utils.tzinfo())
def date(self):
return BlogDate.datetime_from_key_name(self.key().name()).date()
class BlogPost(db.Model):
# The URL path to the blog post. Posts have a path iff they are published.
path = db.StringProperty()
title = db.StringProperty(required=True, indexed=False)
body_markup = db.StringProperty(choices=set(markup.MARKUP_MAP),
body = db.TextProperty(required=True)
tags = aetycoon.SetProperty(basestring, indexed=False)
published = db.DateTimeProperty()
updated = db.DateTimeProperty(auto_now=False)
deps = aetycoon.PickleProperty()
def published_tz(self):
return utils.tz_field(self.published)
def updated_tz(self):
return utils.tz_field(self.updated)
def normalized_tags(tags):
return list(set(utils.slugify(x.lower()) for x in tags))
def tag_pairs(self):
return [(x, utils.slugify(x.lower())) for x in self.tags]
def rendered(self):
"""Returns the rendered body."""
return markup.render_body(self)
def summary(self):
"""Returns a summary of the blog post."""
return markup.render_summary(self)
def hash(self):
val = (self.title, self.body, self.published)
return hashlib.sha1(str(val)).hexdigest()
def summary_hash(self):
val = (self.title, self.summary, self.tags, self.published)
return hashlib.sha1(str(val)).hexdigest()
def publish(self, regenerate=False):
if not self.path:
num = 0
content = None
while not content:
path = utils.format_post_path(self, num)
content = static.add(path, '', config.html_mime_type)
num += 1
self.path = path
# Force regenerate on new publish. Also helps with generation of
# chronologically previous and next page.
regenerate = True
# force refresh of cache, before dependencies are run
for generator_class, deps in self.get_deps(regenerate=regenerate):
for dep in deps:
if generator_class.can_defer:
deferred.defer(generator_class.generate_resource, None, dep)
generator_class.generate_resource(self, dep)
def remove(self):
if not self.is_saved():
# It is important that the get_deps() return the post dependency
# before the list dependencies as the BlogPost entity gets deleted
# while calling PostContentGenerator.
for generator_class, deps in self.get_deps(regenerate=True):
for dep in deps:
if generator_class.can_defer:
deferred.defer(generator_class.generate_resource, None, dep)
if == 'PostContentGenerator':
generator_class.generate_resource(self, dep, action='delete')
generator_class.generate_resource(self, dep)
# no longer needed; clear cache for this post
if self.path:
def get_deps(self, regenerate=False):
if not self.deps:
self.deps = {}
for generator_class in generators.generator_list:
new_deps = set(generator_class.get_resource_list(self))
new_etag = generator_class.get_etag(self)
old_deps, old_etag = self.deps.get(, (set(), None))
if new_etag != old_etag or regenerate:
# If the etag has changed, regenerate everything
to_regenerate = new_deps | old_deps
# Otherwise just regenerate the changes
to_regenerate = new_deps ^ old_deps
self.deps[] = (new_deps, new_etag)
yield generator_class, to_regenerate
class VersionInfo(db.Model):
bloggart_major = db.IntegerProperty(required=True)
bloggart_minor = db.IntegerProperty(required=True)
bloggart_rev = db.IntegerProperty(required=True)
def bloggart_version(self):
return (self.bloggart_major, self.bloggart_minor, self.bloggart_rev)
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