Mirror of satchmo's hg repo via hg-git plugin, plus some of my stuff.
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Git Mirror for Satchmo

This repository is the unofficial git mirror for the satchmo project, with some of my own hacks thrown in.

Branch Map

The branch tip tracks the tip tag in satchmo hg's repository.

(On everything else, don't count on them to be fast-forwardable or stable.)

From time to time, you may see branches prefixed rc/; they are probably new features/work still in development, or finalized and waiting for upstream approval (see below). In either case, don't count on them to be around or to be stable.

The branch master is independent of these branches; right now, it contains this README and nothing else, but this might change in the future.

Development Flow

  1. Hack.
  2. Push out changes in a branch (eg. rc/topic-name) to my git repo here.
  3. Push out changes to my bitbucket/hg repo (no branch name) via hg-git.
  4. Create a new ticket on satchmo's issue tracker at bitbucket.
  5. Tag my published branch with the ticket number (eg. rc/ticket-<num>/v1) and push to here.
  6. Wait and see how things go; if it's accepted and merged upstream, and I'm satisfied with the feature, I'll delete the branch; if not, the process repeats.

Repositories Used

  1. This one.

  2. http://bitbucket.org/rctay/satchmo/

    I push out my changes to here for merging upstream.

  3. http://bitbucket.org/chris1610/satchmo/

    The official hg repository for satchmo.