A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to show build output in a view.
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A Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to show build output in a view.

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In Sublime Text, build results are shown in a fixed horizontal panel; you can't drag it to put it vertically next to your code, like in Eclipse, VS.

With this plugin, like any other view, you can put your build results where you want:

buildview vertical

This is super useful if you are repeatedly running a program on your code/ script and want to have its output handy. (You probably already have a .sublime-build or build_systems entry in your .sublime-project.)

The core functionality is done in pipe_views.PipeViews, an abstraction allowing Unix-like "pipes" to be created between Views in Sublime.


The plugin hooks on to the keyboard shortcuts for launching builds; if you have different shortcuts for them, change the .sublime-keymap files accordingly. These bindings must have the following context:

"context": [{"key": "build_fake", "operator":"equal", "operand":true}]

Output scrolling

The plugin can scroll the output to the top, bottom, or the position before the current build was launched. This can be specified by triggering the Command Palette in any view (view with build output or with source code) in the window, and selecting one of

Build output always at top
Build output always at end
Build output stays at same position

The default is to scroll to the bottom. You can change this by specifying buildview_scroll in Sublime Text's Settings (ie. user/default Preferences.sublime-settings). It should be one of these strings:

  • top
  • bottom
  • last

For example:

    "buildview_scroll": "top",

"Save changes?" warning

Since version 90e2365182e9566b2fa79dd7dc79d6b0d7e433f6 (Package Control: 2014., closing the build output view, directly, or indirectly, eg. by exiting Sublime Text, no longer causes a "Save changes?" warning to be displayed.

If you wish to have the old behaviour (of having a warning displayed), set buildview_silence_modified_warning in your user/default Preferences.sublime-settings to false (literal, not a string wrapped in quotes); for example:

    "buildview_silence_modified_warning": false,


The plugin can be disabled on a per-view basis by triggering the Command Palette in either the view with build output or with source code and selecting

Disable/Enable buildview for this window

Known Issues/TODO

  • sublime's built-in build view shows up momentarily before disappearing: wontfix, see #9
  • pin/unpin location, so that subsequent builds scrolls to the same location
  • build view is "forgotten" after restarting Sublime
  • improve disabling/enabling options (eg whitelists, blacklists)

Pull requests welcome!

Hacking notes

  • after editing pipe_views.py, restart Sublime or re-save commands.py for the changes to take effect.
  • who's view is it anyway? A variety of names are used for views in the source code, according to their different roles:
    • source view: the built-in view that shows up when you click Show Build Results
    • destination view: the view that mirrors the build output, the one with the title "Build Output"
    • otherwise, a view should generally refer to one holding the source for the build


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