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@@ -22,17 +22,17 @@ accordingly. These bindings **must** have the following context:
## Output scrolling
The plugin can scroll the output to the top, bottom, or the position before
-the current build was launched. (The default is to scroll to the bottom.)
+the current build was launched.
This can be specified by triggering the Command Palette in *any* view (view
with build output or with source code) in the window, and selecting one of
Build output always at top
Build output always at end
Build output stays at same position
-The default setting can also be specified. It is read as the value to the key
-`buildview_scroll` from Sublime's Settings (ie. user/default
-`Preferences.sublime-settings`) and is one of
+The default is to scroll to the bottom. You can change this by specifying
+`buildview_scroll` in Sublime Text's Settings (ie. user/default
+`Preferences.sublime-settings`). It should be one of these strings:
- `top`
- `bottom`

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