irc based dice roller designed mainly for the L5R game system. Based originally off code from, pretty much all distinct code now except for the socket connection monitoring and message sending framework.
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L5R Roller design and grammar for Rolls.

Roll Bot Grammar (Case Insensitive, broken down to regexes) -
<Request>           ::= <Alias> | <Alias><OperatorPair> | <Roll Request> | @<Command> | ?<Help>
<Roll Request>      ::= <Trigger> <Roll Base> <Roll Label>
<Roll Base>         ::= <Roll Base><Operator><Roll Base> | < | <Roll Base><Roll Options> |
                        <Number><Inner Roll Type><Number> | <Outer Roll Type><Number> | <Number>  
<OperatorPair>      ::= <Operator><number> | <OperatorPair><OperatorPair>
<Roll Options>      ::= {<Option>} | "" | {<Alias>}
<Option>            ::= <Option>, <Option> | <Setting>:<Value>
<Inner Roll Type>   ::= d | k<KeepModifier>
<KeepModifier>      ::= e | u | m | "" | <KeepModifier><KeepModifier>
<Outer Roll Type>   ::= d
<Alias>             ::= !<Identifier>
<Roll Label>        ::= #<String> | ""
<Identifer>         ::= [a-Z0-9()-_]+
<Value>             ::= <String> | <Number> | <Boolean>
<String>            ::= [a-Z0-9 ]+
<Number>            ::= [0-9]+
<Operator>          ::= + | -
<Setting>           ::= ExplodeOn
<Boolean>           ::= true | false
<Command>           ::= Record <Identifier> <Roll Request> | Mode:<Mode> | List | Remove <Identifier> | 
                        Record <Identifier> <Roll Options> | Op <Identifier>
<Help>              ::= Help | Roll | Dice
<Mode>              ::= T{<TriggerString>} | T{List}
<Trigger>           ::= r | roll | ""
<TriggerString>     ::= <Trigger> | <TriggerString>:<TriggerString>

Notes. ke = keep emphasis, ku keep unskilled (no explosions) km = explode on 9's no emphasis. "" is only valid as a trigger if Dicesuke isn't in the same channel to prevent spam/confusion.
Slight grammar mistake in the fact that you can attach a roll options to a number, but I don't feel bad about that.

Operator notes
You can speak through the bot, in the shell running the bot just type your target, message, then hit enter. "#test hello all" will send 'hello all' to channel #test. 
typing "join #test" will have the bot join channel #test. typing ": hello all" will send 'hello all' to the first channel in the bots channel list.
'toki hey there' will send 'hey there' to there user toki as a private message. "quit" kills the bot.

You can supply the bot with a series of names, these function as a list of other rollbots that you expect to be sharing the server with. 
If one of the mentioned bots is in a channel with this dicebot it will refrain from rolling unless the more specific 'r xky' or 'roll xky' 
formats are used.