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using Alchemy4Tridion.Plugins.GUI.Configuration;
using UnlocalizeAll.Resources;
namespace UnlocalizeAll.GUI
public class ContextMenuUnlocalizeAll : Alchemy4Tridion.Plugins.GUI.Configuration.ContextMenuExtension
public ContextMenuUnlocalizeAll()
AssignId = "";
// The label of the button.
Name = "UnlocalizeAll";
// Use this property to specify where in the context menu your items will go
InsertBefore = Constants.ContextMenuIds.MainContextMenu.Blueprinting;
// Use AddItem() or AddSubMenu() to add items for this context menu
// element id title command name
AddItem("unlocalize_all_cm", "Unlocalize All", "UnLocalizeAllCommand");
// Add a dependency to the resource group that contains the files/commands that this toolbar extension will use.
// apply the extension to a specific view.