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Getting Started | Using DockJS

DockJS is in its final stages of post-production and is on its way to the App Store & Google Play. We also plan to host a website that will allow this fine tool to be downloaded easily as an open source project. We will look forward to any contributions/PRs that new users want to submit and welcome feedback.

1. git clone
2. npm i
3. electron .

Note: DockJS will show up as a small toolbar icon in the form of a coffee mug symbolizing your daily ritual for learning JavaScript. Instructions are provided in "I" (information). You are able to transpile ES6 code into Vanailla JS and vice versa. Happy coding!

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"Any application that can be written in JavaScript will eventually be written in JavaScript"
— Atwood’s Law

Ryan & Kinan here (creators of DockJS) - We are both motivated to learn more and more Javascript each day, to refine our craft, and garner a deeper understanding of JavaScript's core fundamentals. ScratchJS has always been a great go-to since its release, but we wanted to access a REPL offline from our desktop, and add a few features that take practicing, writing, and learning JavaScript to another level.

In this project, we designed an interpretation of a traditional desktop application using Electron, specifically a JavaScript REPL interface that fully functions offline and can be accessed in the dock in multiple platforms. Since the recent additions to the JavaScript library in ES6/ES7, we wanted to have a feature that allowed a user to upload code in vanilla JS that could be transpiled into ES6 and vice versa.

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Since this project was terra incognita, a big part of the learning was to document our travels. To do that we each addressed different sides of the project:

Learning Electron from a higher mental model/view, what it is, and how we got started.

Particular technical problems that we encountered and how we solved it. Also, what we would improve if we started again.

Original Assignment

If you're interested in exploring more resources, see Steve Kinney's talks on "Building Desktop Applications with Node and Electron" on YouTube and "Getting Started with Electron" on Vimeo"