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rscript is a simple scheme-like parser which was intended to be used in a openGL engine project. rcythrScript (and the engine) are currently unfinished, but are a good starting point for a scheme-like implementation which allows for code structures to be constructed at compile or startup of an application and then used on different threads simultaneously.

Implemented Features

  • Parsing of input expressions:

    • bool

    • int

    • real

    • rational

    • complex

    • list

    • literal

    • vector

    • char

    • string

    • symbol

    • function

  • Execution of input expressions

  • Libraries

    • Basic arithmetic operations

    • Char operations

Partially Implemented Features

  • Libraries

    • Cast operations

    • String operations

Unimplemented Features

  • Expression Deepcopy

  • Forms

    • begin

    • define syntax

    • exclaim

  • Libraries

  • Continuations

  • Eval

  • IO

  • Library

  • List

  • Math

  • Vector