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What is RD2L?
RD2L is a free league for individual players to sign up and be drafted to teams by captains. Newly formed teams will then spend eight weeks playing against teams in their division for a spot in the playoffs. The league is divided into several divisions, which are organized by time zone and night of the week the games are played (e.g., EST-MON, PST-SUN, CET-WED). Games are played on the closest server to those time zones, so CET divisions play on Europe West, PST on US West, and EST on US East. The league is set-up so that teams will have a wide range of MMRs.

What is the league format?
Teams play two games per week during the regular season in a BO2 format. In the event of a tie, each team will be awarded one point. If one team wins both games, that team will be awarded 2 points, and the losing team will get 0. Points accumulate during the season, and the top teams will be awarded a spot in the playoffs. Playoffs place teams from different divisions against each other in a tournament to determine who will be the season champion. The number of teams from each division differs each season depending on the total number of teams in each division.

When are games played? Games are played each week by 9 pm on the night and time zone of each division. For example, EST-MON games must start by 9 pm Eastern Time (USA) on Monday. Two games are played each week, with the second game starting directly after the first is completed. During the playoffs, games are often between teams from different divisions. During those weeks the games will be played on a day and time agreed upon by the captains of the two teams.

What are the requirements to sign up?
A minimum of 500 games and 250 wins are required to sign up. There is no minimum MMR requirement. However, you will be required to have your solo and party MMR visible on your profile for a period during signup. Multiple accounts or experience in Dota 1 do not count towards this requirement.

How do I sign up? Sometime during the playoffs of the current season a post will be made on the subreddit stating when sign-ups for the new season will begin. The post will have details about sign-ups, but typically they are done through the website ( There will be a link to sign-up for the upcoming season, which will allow you to login to Steam and complete the process. Players need to have both their solo & party MMR visible before signing up.

Can I sign up with friends?
Only individual sign-ups are accepted. There is no guarantee that you and your friends will end up on the same team unless a captain happens to draft you. Likewise, if you are a captain, there is no guarantee that another person will not pick your friends. Please do not sign-up if you not willing to play on a different team from your friends.

Can I sign up for more than one division?
No. Players and captains are only allowed to be in one division. Also, people cannot captain in one division and be a regular player in another. However, a person may ask an admin to switch his or her division as long as the drafts have not yet been completed.

How are captains selected?
People may sign up as captains or players who are willing to captain if needed. Admins go through a process of vouching captains to try to make sure they understand the rules of the league and will be able to facilitate a team effectively. Captains also must have at least 3000 solo MMR.

What are the duties of captains?
The primary duties of captains are to select a team during the draft and then to facilitate that team through the season. This includes reporting match results, asking for free agents if players or lost, and being the primary contact for the team to the division admin, etc. Captains are free to delegate drafting, in-game calls, and other decisions to other members of the team if they choose.

What are the responsibilities of players?
Once a person signs up, he or she is responsible for checking the RD2L subreddit on a regular basis for announcements regarding the league. The player will also be responsible for completing the activity check before the season begins, checking the draft results to see whose team he or she is on, adding the captain and other players of the team on Steam, and showing up for regularly scheduled matches.

How are teams drafted?
Drafts will occur soon after signups end, and each division will draft on the day and time that games are played (e.g., CET-WED draft would be Wednesday at 9 pm CET). Drafts usually take place on Mumble, facilitated by the division admin, who updates a shared Google spreadsheet, so that captains can follow along. Captains for each division will be assigned a place in the draft order in advance by the admin of that division. Captains will each make one selection in each round until the team has 7 players, including the captain. Drafting methods vary by division. The player lists for each division will be released in advance to allow captains to plan for the draft in advance.

Do I need to do anything after signing up?
After signups are closed and before the drafts begin, there will be an activity check to ensure that players still want to play in the upcoming season. There will be a post on the subreddit that indicates what to do to complete the check. If a person does not complete the activity check, he or she will not be allowed to play that season. After that nothing is required until the season begins.

How will my team know who we play each week?
Each week the division admin will make a post for the upcoming week’s matches. Matches will also be visible on the website. Matchups are done somewhat differently in different divisions. For smaller divisions, a round robin format is sometimes used so that each team plays each other once. In larger divisions, a matchmaking algorithm creates matches through a Swiss system based model. It is the responsibility of each team’s captain to be in communication with each other to coordinate details about the match (e.g., sharing the lobby and password for a match, asking if a match can begin early, if x player is okay to stand-in, etc.). Captains will be given access to the RD2L bot in order to create ticketed lobbies for the games.

What do I do if the bot is not working?
First try to contact the division admin, who is able to ticket lobbies, override certain commands, etc. If that person is not available, any of the other admins may be contacted. (Names of admins are listed on the sidebar of the subreddit.)

What happens if a team permanently loses a player?
Free agents can be assigned from the undrafted player pool of that division by the admin. The captain is responsible for asking the admin to find a free agent. Free agents become a permanent member of the team.

What if a team only needs a player for one week?
One stand-in per team for individual matches is allowed. However, the stand-in must be another player on another team in your division. Both captains from the match must agree to allow that specific player to be a stand-in.

What do I need to know if I've never played in RD2L before?
Your best bet to get on a team you'll enjoy is to play in-house games with people in your time zone and note who the captains are. Find captains that meet your playstyle and have open discussions with them to improve your chances of being drafted. (See below for more information about the in-house league.)

Do you allow casters?
Yes. Anyone is allowed to become an approved caster by going to the RD2L website and following the link to sign-up as a caster. If a person would like to cast a game, he or she should comment in the subreddit post for that division’s weekly match thread. A caster should get permission from both captains in a match before casting.