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Redditors Dota 2 League

The Redditors Dota 2 League (RD2L) provides a Dota 2 league formatted for individuals to have a place to play with and learn from other players of varying skill levels while providing competitive matches. The goals of each player may differ between learning the competitive style of Dota 2; improving their Dota 2 skills; meeting new friends and players; or as an outlet for their competitive Dota 2 desires. This is accomplished by providing players with as even as teams as possible with varying skill levels on each team so that more experienced players can teach those of lesser experience while every match remains as fair and competitive as possible.

Redditors Dota 2 League Format

  • We only accept player signups, no team signups.
  • A season of RD2L begins with the captain sign-ups
  • Following captains sign-ups are the player sign-ups
  • After the player sign-ups will be the draft to assign players to teams
  • Next is the regular season for the league

Participant Conduct

  • Participants are to be respectful to their team as well as their opponents.
  • A player may choose to mute players on their team. But if the captain feels it hinders the team (not just one player), it may be brought to an admin for review.
  • If a participant's behavior is deemed to be toxic, rude, interruptive to team play, or anything undesirable to the general well-being of most of the team, they may be removed by an admin. Depending on severity upon removal, they may be temporarily suspended.
  • If a player or captain is removed for poor conduct, the team is entitled to a free agent of equal or lesser rank. Note: due to free agent availability, there is no guarantee on how close the rank of the free agent will be to the previous player.


  • Captains will be responsible for drafting their RD2L team.
  • Captains will be responsible for organizing their teams. How a captain does this is up to them but the captain may: make all decisions and carry out all their duties themselves, defer some or all decisions and duties to any other player on their team, or make decisions and carry out their duties in cooperation with their team. Organizing their team may include and is not limited to arranging practices, arranging scrimmages against other teams, deciding which players will play each game, picking and banning for games, calling moves and strategy during games, and organizing casters for their matches.
  • Captains will be responsible for turning in the results of each regular season and playoff match by 9pm of the day after their match if the match is not ticketed.
  • The captain will be the primary contact for their team, this includes communication with other teams as well as RD2L admins.
  • Captains do not have the power to remove players from their team after the draft.
  • Captains must have been on a team (as captain or player) which completed the previous season or be vouched for an admin. Vouch candidates will also be required to complete a short survey to introduce them to the league’s members. The RD2L admins hold the power to deny any individual from being a captain.
  • Captains are also Players and all player rules apply to captains.
  • New Captains should Legend[1] Rank or higher. Captains may be vouched or unvouched at admin discretion regardless of rank.


  • Players must sign-up on the current Steam account they primarily use for playing Dota, except in the case described in the next rule. The required 500 games and 250 wins on the account must all have been played by the player who is signing up.
  • Players that have alternate accounts with higher solo rank than their main/original must signup using the alternate account. Players that have a party rank that is 3 or more ranks greater than their highest solo rank should use that account to sign up.
  • The account used to signup should represent the player's actual skill. This means no smurfs, boosted accounts, or old accounts you haven't played on since you gained/lost 3 or more ranks.
  • Players must complete the “Activity Check” to confirm their signup after before the pre-draft deadline.
  • Players must sign-up for the server they usually play on. If a player has a good ping to two or more servers, the player may sign-up for a division on any of the servers. The division admin will have to grant waivers for people seeking to play on a server other than their primary one(s).
  • Players are required to use the steam account provided at the time of sign-ups when playing any RD2L game.
  • Before registering, players are required to turn "Expose Public Match Data" on in the Dota 2 client > Settings > Options > Profile, as well as have played at least 500 games and 250 wins in Dota 2.
  • Players may only play on one team during a season of RD2L. This means a player cannot sign up for multiple divisions or the same division using multiple identities.
  • Players are not allowed to share accounts; the account must be used by you exclusively.
  • Players are expected to be available and present for all regular season and playoff matches, exceptions are acceptable but a commitment to the league and your team is agreed to upon signing up.
  • All chat during games should be civil. If either team requests no all chat, only pause information, saying phrases like "gl" / "hf", and calling "gg" are permitted from that point forward. Continued all chat after a “no all chat” request by either team will result in a forfeit against the offending team for that game. Caster all chat is still strictly prohibited at all times!
  • Players are expected to participate in the RD2L until the completion of their season. Please bear in mind before signing up that each season will last upwards of 2 months. At least one match a week will be required from you.
  • Players should check the subreddit at least once a day if possible for information being put out by the moderators or other participants.
  • This league aims to be casual and relaxed while maintaining fairness and a competitive format. Please refrain from flaming or being condescending on the subreddit and during matches.
  • Admins will be watching for accounts that have unusual match history. Those accounts may be removed from the league at the time they are discovered at the discretion of the admins. Since there are various ways this rule can be violated, any other punishment will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Free Agents

  • Free Agents are players that are eligible to be permanently added to teams during the season. If a captain requests a free agent, an admin will assign one to you after verifying that the free agent still wishes to participate in RD2L.
  • Free agents can be drawn from four sources:
    • Players who signed up but didn't make it into the draft.
    • Players who made it into the draft but went undrafted (due to captain no-shows).
    • players from disbanded teams. This includes free agents from other divisions at the discretion of the two division admins.
    • A free agent sign-up after the drafts are completed if deemed necessary to ensure an adequate number of free agents.
    Players from disbanded teams are only eligible for free agency if they were contributing players on the team before it disbanded. Anyone who didn't show up for games or had serious conflicts with their teammates leading to the disband will not be Free Agents. When a team disbands, the division admin will determine which (if any) players from that team will become Free Agents.
  • A larger free agent pool may be created between divisions in a region. This will allow for better free-agents to be acquired quicker.
  • If a captain would like a free-agent, they must prove that they have an inactive player. After this is done, the inactive player is removed from the team in all forms, including any decisions made regarding stand-ins.
  • When the admin assigns a new free-agent to the team, this free-agent cannot be rejected.
  • The free agent will either be a close match or a player with lower rank (as close as possible), depending on the availability of free-agents.
  • Free agents cannot be assigned until the end of practice weeks to ensure that teams are fully utilizing the players they drafted.
  • Free agents will not be assigned after the default time for Week 8 games of the division of the team that asked for a free agent. As long as the captain requests a free agent before the default time, the admin will attempt to find a free agent.
  • Exceptions can be made here; the idea is to make sure teams have explored all avenues for contacting their players.
  • A free-agent sign-up may be created for players wishing to sign-up during the season depending on that season's needs.


  • Teams may use 1 stand-in from their division per match, for a maximum of 4 matches during a season. If a team finds itself needing more than this, they should have contacted the division admin with regards to a free-agent. (Match means both games of the week.)
  • Stand-in usage from the season will be reset for all playoff teams. Playoff teams may use a stand-in for a maximum of two series of the playoffs. (Series means all games of a round, usually best of 3 or best of 5.)
  • Captains must attempt to use all of their current roster's players before requesting a stand-in. Captains will attempt to organise a stand-in to be used without admin involvement. The opposing captain may reject any stand-in with a higher rank than the lowest rank player missing from the team, with a floor of Legend[0].
    • Example: A team is missing their Divine[1], Ancient[2], and Crusader[4] players, the opposing captain may reject any stand-in above Legend[0].
  • If you wish to reject a stand-in with lower rank than the lowest rank player missing from the opposing team, you must get permission from the division admin and offer a compelling reason for the rejection (suspected smurf, etc.).
  • If the opposing captain rejects a stand-in, an admin may assign a reasonable stand-in of their choice.
  • Admins must be made aware at least 72 hours prior to their match night if a player has left the team or never shown up for the player to be exempt from the rule. Players marked off their roster in time will not have their MMR counted as one of the missing MMRs.
  • We encourage captains to keep an up-to-date dialogue open with your division admin in regards to any player quitting.
  • If an admin discovers that a player used an unauthorized stand-in after the matches have been completed, he or she may retroactively call a forfeit for any games the unauthorized player played in. This will be decided on a case by case basis.
  • Stand-ins cannot be used if the team has 5 players online and available at the time of the match. Stand-ins are never allowed to be used in place of a team’s usual subs. If it is discovered that a captain used a stand-in when a member of his or her team was online and ready to play at the default time, then the captain may be removed from the team. The disallowed stand-in will no longer be allowed to stand-in for the remainder of the season. Further punishment may be given at the discretion of the admins.


  • Teams consist of 1 captain and 5 other players, a total of 6 team members.
  • Each team is permitted to permanently add a Free Agent if necessary. If no Free Agents are available, no additional players are allowed. Free agents will be of similar skill level to the person they are replacing. However, if no players of similar skill level remain, then a person of lower skill level may be assigned.
  • Teams are required to have a team name, team tag, and a team logo (no matter the quality).
  • The non-captain players on a team are drafted by the captain during the draft. The only permitted roster change is to add Free Agents.
  • If a team fails to field 5 roster players at the default start time for a regular season or playoff match the team forfeits the match.
  • If a team is no longer capable of fielding 5 roster players for the remainder of the season, it is the remaining players responsibility to contact the RD2L admins and let them know this. The team will be scheduled no further games. This is not an encouraged course of action, but if unavoidable officially withdrawing allows other teams the chance to actually play each week.
  • If a team forfeits two weeks in a row, the team may be removed for the remainder of the season at the discretion of the division admin.
  • Teams will be required to play 1 scrimmage against another RD2L team in the time after the draft and before the regular season starts.


  • Divisions will be determined every season by the RD2L admins based on activity level for each division in previous seasons. If existing divisions grow large enough, expansion to additional days will be considered.
  • Divisions will consist of a time zone and Dota 2 server combination (example: EST and US East) as well as a night of the week (example: Thursday). All matches for that division will be played on that server, on that night of the week, and the default times will be specific to that time zone.
  • Divisions will have as many teams as the number of captains assign to that division and as few teams as the number of players signed up to fill out those teams. (Number of Players)/(5) ≤ (Number of Teams) ≤ (Number of Captains). Divisions will consist of at least 6 teams.
  • Each division will have its own admin. This admin will be the first point of contact for captains and players in the division. They will also be responsible for helping run the draft, calling forfeits, and checking results.


  • There will be one draft per division.
  • The picks of the draft will be by that division’s captains.
  • The pool of the draft will consist of the first 5*Num_Captains players who signed up for that division
  • The draft type (e.g., snake, linear, etc.) will be determined by the division admins.
  • Pick order is selected based on the captain’s MMR bracket. (Roughly, lower MMR captains will be earlier in the pick order.)
  • The draft will consist of 5 rounds as needed to fill out teams.
  • Undrafted players will go into the Free Agent pool.

Regular Season

  • The regular season consists of 8 matches.
  • All teams play in each week unless an odd number of teams are available during a certain week. The team with the bye will be the team closest to the last rank in the division that has yet to have a bye.
  • No teams are ever eliminated from the regular season based on performance in previous weeks.
  • All regular season matches will be played against teams in the same division.
  • Each week’s schedule will be determined using Matchmaking Score (MMS) based matchmaking.
  • Rank will be determined by a team’s total number of points divided by number of games played. Wins will be 2 points, ties will be 1 point, loses/forfeits will be 0 points. The team with the most points will be ranked first, and the least points ranked last. Teams tied by points will be ordered at random for scheduling reasons.

Regular Season Matches

  • Matches are played on the night associated with the given divisions.
  • Matches are played on the server associated with the given divisions.
  • All matches should use bot hosted lobbies if they are online and available. If bots are not working or all in use, the game must be hosted on the ticket by an admin, captain, or trusted player. Captains should only create their own lobby if a bot is not available.
  • In the event that a bot hosted lobby cannot be obtained, the home team's captain should create the lobby. (Notify the division admin immediately if the captain or another team member does not have ticketing rights, so an admin can create the lobby.) The home team's captain then needs to @mention the lobby information, including the password, in the #captains channel that has been created in Discord. The visiting team captain should acknowledge receiving the information in the channel, and then take their team into the lobby in the game. If the home team is running late and the visiting team makes the lobby, that is fine. They just need to @mention the home captain in Discord if it is getting close to the default time (9:00 pm), and they are having trouble contacting the other team.
  • The first game of a match MUST begin by 21:00 (9:00PM) in the time zone associated with the given divisions. 21:00 (9:00 pm) will be known as the "default time". Teams are encouraged to arrive by 8:30 or so and then begin as soon as both teams are ready. A forfeit win may be given to any team who is ready to play but was unable to start at 9:00 pm due to the other team. A forfeit loss may be given to any team who cause the match to be unable to be started by 9 pm. If both teams were unable to start the match on time a forfeit loss may be given to both teams. If for whatever reason a match cannot begin before the default time, and it is determined by an admin that it was due to no fault of the teams (e.g. Dota 2 network is down, there is a large Dota 2 update, etc.), then the admin may, in the event that the issue will end shortly, give the teams an extension of up to 1 or 2 hours to start the match, or the admin may cancel the match recording no result as if both teams had a bye.
  • If a team forfeits Game 1, they also forfeit Game 2. If a team plays Game 1 and forfeits Game 2, the result of Game 1 counts as usual.
  • In order to be eligible for a forfeit win at the default time due to the other team not having 5 players in the lobby, the following additional conditions steps need to be taken:
    • A screenshot must be taken and posted publicly in the #captains channel, and a division admin should be @mentioned letting them know you want to claim a FF victory. Also, @mention the visiting captain again as a courtesy to let them know you are claiming a forfeit win.
    • It must be from within the RD2L Season X ticketed lobby in the Dota 2 game client in Steam.
    • Five players from the team's official roster must be seated on either the dire or radiant side. Please make your team name visible to make it easier for the admin to score the match.
    • The screenshot should have the Steam overlay (press ctrl+shift while in Dota) visible, which will show the system time is past the default time (9 pm EDT/EST in NA divisions) but not beyond 10 minutes past the default time (9:10 pm in NA). This leeway allows nice captains to give the other time a chance to show up without burdening his players with sticking around more than 5 minutes. However, the default time remains the default time, so forfeits can still be claimed any time after the default time.
    • Once the screenshot is posted, no more needs to be done unless the other captain is there and disputes the situation. Or, the admin may say to hold on if he or she has already been in communication with the other captain about it. In this case, captains must work with the admin to try to resolve the situation and play the games. If that cannot happen, the division admin (or head admin in their stead) will making a ruling on the matter.
  • Matches may be played anytime prior to the "default time" (hours or days in advance), forfeits are only awarded after the "default time" or if both captains notify the admin of the forfeit.
  • Match schedules will be posted as soon as all of the previous week’s results are checked (at least a few days before the match is to be played). This will allow teams time to prepare strategies and scout their opponents.
  • Matches will be played in a "best of 2" format. 2 games will be played for each match regardless of outcome.
  • Game 2 must begin at most 15 minutes after the conclusion of Game 1. If one team needs more time, the other team needs to agree to the delay. Both captains must report agreement to delay the match to an admin for approval. Any delays longer than one hour from the time Game 1 ended will result in a forfeit of Game 2.
  • For matches the team listed first in the schedule will be considered the visiting team. For game 1: the visiting team may choose to either "Play as Radiant", "Play as Dire", "Have first pick", or "Have second pick". After the choice is made the home team will choose either "Play as Radiant" or "Play as Dire", if the visiting team picked pick order, or the home team will choose either "Have first pick" or "Have second pick"m if the visiting team picked sides. For game 2: the home team selects from side/pick with the visiting team selecting the other option.
  • Pauses are limited to 5 minutes in length for issues not related to a disconnected player. A team may pause two times in a game for issues not related to disconnection. There must be at least 5 minutes of game time passed between the these two pauses.
  • Each team can wait up to a total of 15 minutes per match for disconnected player(s).
  • In the event a player (or players) are unable to continue playing for any reason their team may choose to continue the match without them (using the DC’ed players heroes is permitted).
  • The players playing in a game are allowed to differ between games of the same match. However only official rostered players to the team are ever allowed to play.
  • Captains are required to submit results from their matches to the Captain section of within 24 hours if the match was not ticketed. If matches cannot not ticketed due to an unforeseen issue, a screenshot of the score screen will suffice.
  • Only recognized casters are permitted to be in broadcaster channels during matches.
  • Spectators on is encouraged but a 5 minute delay is required. No in-game spectators except admins and authorized casters are allowed in the lobby; they are only allowed to spectate via DotaTV.
  • Coaches are not allowed.
  • Game remakes or loading from a replay are permitted if there is a major issue affecting gameplay (major ping increases, heavy packet loss, Steam down). Both team captains must agree to attempt the attempt. If load from replay does not work, the game will be remade.


  • Playoffs will consist of a single elimination bracket tournament.
  • A top percentage of teams from each division will make the playoffs.
  • A round of the playoffs will happen roughly each week.
  • Playoff teams may use a stand-in for a maximum of two series of the playoffs. (Series means all games of a round, usually best of 3 or best of 5.)

Playoff Matches

  • All playoff matches also follow the rules of regular season matches.
  • Matches will be played on a night and time agreed upon by the teams, with admin moderation. If the match is not played before the deadline, both teams may be eliminated from playoff contention.
  • All Match scheduling must be done in the official subreddit match thread for that week. Any matches agreed upon outside of reddit (Steam chat, discord, etc.), must be posted to the match thread as well.
  • If a team no shows the agreed upon day/time, the other team may be awarded a forfeit. Teams have a 30 minute “grace period” after the agreed upon time to start the first game.
  • The admins will determine which server(s) is to be used for all matches.
  • Matches will typically be played in a "best of 3" format. The team who wins 2 games wins the match and proceeds to the next round of playoffs. (Occasionally we may have a BO1 first round, and the finals may be BO5.)
  • If a matchup has multiple server options determined by the admins, the following procedure will be used:
  • Game 1: Home team’s server choice
  • Game 2: Away team’s server choice
  • Game 3 (if needed): Coinflip winner chooses:
    • Select server from options
    • Select pick order AND side