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A Powershell-based lightweight Architecture Decision Records (ADR) tool
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A Powershell based command-line tool for working with Lighweight Architecture Decision Records (ADRs).

"Lightweight Architecture Decision Records is a technique for capturing important architectural decisions along with their context and consequences. We recommend storing these details in source control, instead of a wiki or website, as then they can provide a record that remains in sync with the code itself. - Thoughtworks"

Quick Start

ADR-PS is a powershell module you can import in a normal powershell session. The default destination directory is doc\adr.

  1. Copy the adr.psm1 into your solution folder and change the doc\adr into your desired directory.

  2. Open Powershell CLI and import module

    / powershell –ExecutionPolicy Bypass
    / Import-Module .\adr.psm1
  3. Create an ADR repository in the current script location

    / Adr-Init
  4. Create architecture decision record

    / Adr-New "Record architecture decisions"	
    Directory: C:\play\adr-ps\doc\adr
    Mode           LastWriteTime         	     Length Name
    ----           -------------         	     ------ ----
    -a----         9/8/2018     07:50            419
    -a----         9/8/2018     07:43            125	
  5. Help

    / Adr-Help

Updating module

/ powershell –ExecutionPolicy Bypass
/ Remove-Module adr
/ Import-Module .\adr.psm1


ADR-PS aims to help document architecturally significant functional and non-functional decisions through out solution lifetime to benefit current and future teams. I also hope to promote ADR-technique into greater audience with more choice of tools.

The decisions on this tool are recorded as architecture decision records in repository


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