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Code to clean the RAIS data set (Brazilian matched employer-employee data, 1985-2018)


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Cleaning the Relação Anual de Informações Sociais (RAIS) dataset in Stata, 1985-2018

This repository contains Stata code that cleans and normalizes all RAIS for years 1985-2018.

More information about RAIS, the Brazilian matched employer-employee dataset:


  • Stata (preferably version 14+)

Basic Usage

  1. Clone or download the repository.
  2. Paste the raw RAIS data files into /input.
  3. Run each year's dofile in /src/sub. Adjust the directory path to your own setup.
  4. Run the dofile /src/sub/
  5. Run the dofile /src/sub/


This repository outputs RAIS all cleaned and normalized. It generates three sets of main datasets: (1) at worker-establishment-municipality level, (2) at worker-municipality level, (3) at establishment-municipality level. It also builds collapsed data sets at establishment-municipality and establishment level.

It provides some cleaning fixes to the original data:

  • It standardizes all variable names and labels.
  • It fixes wage variables with missing values.
  • It generates deflated wage variables, relative to 2018.
  • It allows for sample output data sets, if one prefers to work with smaller files.
  • It standardizes classification variables (CNAE and CBO), and builds IBGE's broad sectors variables.
  • It classifies types of establishments, into public, private, nonprofit, and by sphere/branch of government.
  • It reconstructs CPF data back to years before 2003, for workers who show up in prior years.


  • See the file /extra/Variables_RAIS_1985-2018.xlsx for a complete dictionary of variables, labels, values and availability year-by-year.
  • Identified RAIS data is not public. To get access to it, one must (1) be in an university/institution that already has an agreement with the Ministério da Economia, or (2) apply for new access.
  • Run this in a server with supercomputer capabilities. RAIS files are large.
  • For advice on structuring directories and code, please refer to my template repository.
  • Prof. Marc Muendler (UCSD) has useful material about RAIS.


If you benefit from code in this repository, please cite it in your work as:

Bugs, Comments and Suggestions

If you find any issues in my code, or have any suggestions for improvements, please open an issue or just email me at


Code to clean the RAIS data set (Brazilian matched employer-employee data, 1985-2018)







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