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An LLVM-style hardware compiler with first class support for generators

Installation Instructions

Found here


CoreIR is open source under the terms of the freeBSD license found in this license file


Documentation for Users

  • This document describes the standalone coreir tool (similar to LLVM's 'opt')
  • This is the specification for the CoreIR serialization format (hardware object file)
  • This is a specification of CoreIR Primitives and Primitive Extentions

Documentation for Developers

  • This Getting Started Guide provides an introduction and in depth look at how to use the CoreIR C++ API
  • This Compilation Passes Guide describes the process of creating new compilation passes
  • This Library Guide talks about creating standalone CoreIR compatible Libraries
  • This Guide describes how to simulate CoreIR hardware graphs
  • This Style Guide discusses expected coding style for CoreIR

Bugs and Feature Requests

Please submit an issue through github