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###How to read this:
Anything in <> should be filled in by user as a string
Anything not in quotes is a json format defined below
any key followed by a ? means it is optional

//What is in the json file
  "top: NamedRef,
  namespaces: {<namespaceName>:Namespace, ...}


  "namedtypes"? : {<name>: NamedType, ...}
  "typegens" ? {<name>: TypeGen,...}
  "modules"? :{<name>:Module, ...},
  "generators"? :{<name>:Generator, ...}

Type = "BitIn" 
     | "Bit" 
     | ["Array", <N>, Type] 
     | ["Record", [[<key>,Type],... ] 
     | ["Named",NamedRef]

//This could be referring a type, module, or generator
NamedRef = "<namespaceName>.<name>"

NamedType = {"flippedname":<name>,"rawtype":Type}

TypeGen = [Params, "sparse", [[Values,Type],[Values,Type],...]]
        | [Params, "implicit"]
        | //TODO Type language?

//Note if there are no instances and no connections, this is a declaration
Module = {
  "connections"?: Connection[]

Generator = {

GeneratedModule = [Values,Module]

Instance = {

Connection = [Wireable, Wireable, MetaData?]

//accesses instname.a.b If "instname" is "self" then this is the module's interface.
//Note: a,b can be digits representing an index. 
Wireable = "<instname>,<a>,<b>,..."

//The following is my Value IR. 
//This contains a small IR representing constants and refrences to generator/module args. This can be expanded

ValueType = "Bool"
          | "Int"
          | ["BitVector" <N>]
          | "String"
          | "CoreIRType"
          | "Module"
          | "Json"

Params = {<field>:ValueType,...}

Arg = [ValueType, "Arg", <field>]
Const = [ValueType, <Val>]

Value = Arg
      | Const

Values = {<field>:Value,...}