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Helping you code an Rdbhost backend for your MV* framework

Developers these days are spoiled with choice when it comes to selecting an MV* framework for structuring and organizing JavaScript web apps.

The TodoMVC project was created to help solve this problem of choice - a project which offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in many of the popular JavaScript MV* frameworks of today.

This fork of the TodoMVC project has its own objective, to show implementation examples of allows an entire shared-data application to be implemented in the browser. SQL queries can be embedded in the JavaScript and submitted to the server for execution. Yes, it is safe, read the site for details about the white-list system.

TodoMVC apps for a few of the more popular frameworks have been reimplemented for

Todo apps are included for:

Non-framework Implementations

Live demos

Live demos are available on our website




The Rdbhost code, specifically, is the work of David Keeney. The apps are the work of a team of contributors; see .


MIT License
Copyright (c) Addy Osmani, Sindre Sorhus, Pascal Hartig, David Keeney