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Co-operative robotics using environmental sensors
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Co-operative robotics using environmental sensors

Directory structure

  • docs: Documentation, including PDF of final report
    • docs/interim: Interim report LaTeX root
    • docs/final: Final report LaTeX root
    • docs/img: Image root for reports
  • wiring: Wiring diagrams, PCB files
  • rviz: Rviz configuration files for visualising odemetry and mapping data
  • crues_pi: ROS nodes and Python code
    • crues_pi/ros_pkgs: ROS packages to be added to catkin workspace
    • crues_pi/crues: Scripts used for testing and debugging
    • crues_pi/config: Configuration files for individual robots (Deploy script copies correct file to each RPi)
    • crues_pi/crues_deploy: Script for deploying code to RPis
    • crues_pi/crues_run: Script for running Roomba code on RPis

Deploying and running code

  • Turn on robots
  • Connect to CruesNet ad-hoc WiFi network
  • Add crues_pi/crues_deploy and crues_pi/crues_run to PATH
  • Run crues_deploy [ROBOTS] to deploy code, with [ROBOTS] replaced by any combination of blinky, inky and clyde
  • Run crues_run [ROBOTS] to run the roomba.launch ROS launch file

More details can be found in the project Wiki.

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