A simple DynamoDB backup tool.
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A simple DynamoDB backup tool.



I like using Amazon's DynamoDB. It's fast as fuck, easy to scale up (and down), has a beautiful API, and is great for telephony stuff (which I do a lot of).

The only thing that really bothers me about DynamoDB is that there isn't a decent backup tool for it--until now.

dbak is a simple, straightforward, and brainless DynamoDB backup tool written in Python. It takes a dump of all your tables, and stores them either locally, or to an S3 bucket of your choosing.

It even ships with a restore script so you can feed it the dump file, and watch as it rebuilds your broken tables from scratch.


dbak is still in development. As time progresses, I'll gradually upgrade the tool to be more efficient, but for now the main goal is getting the job done.