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@@ -43,11 +43,10 @@ app, ``memcacheify`` will default to using local memory caching as a backup :)
## Heroku Setup
Now that you've got Django configured to use memcache, all you need to do is
-install one of the two excellent memcache addons that Heroku provides!
+install one memcache addons that Heroku provides!
-- [Memcache]( - Been around longer, but
- pretty expensive, or
-- [MemCachier]( - Newer, less expensive.
+I personally recommend [MemCachier]( --
+they're stable, cheap, great!
Let's say I want to install the ``memcachier`` addon, I could simply run:
@@ -106,7 +105,6 @@ keys.
If you're confused, you should probably read:
- [Heroku's Getting Started Guide](
-- [Heroku's memcache Addon Documentation](
- [Heroku's memcachier Addon Documentation](

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