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Force SSL on your Django site.

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Do you want to force HTTPs across your Django site? You're in the right place!

Use SSL for all the things!


To install django-sslify, simply run pip install django-sslify and you'll get the latest version installed automatically.

If you're using Heroku, you should add: django-sslify>=0.2 to your requirements.txt file in the root of your project directory.


Modify your Django file, and prepend sslify.middleware.SSLifyMiddleware to your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES setting:

    # ...

NOTE: Make sure sslify.middleware.SSLifyMiddleware is the first middleware class listed, as this will ensure that if a user makes an unsecure request (over HTTP), they will be redirected to HTTPs before any actual processing happens.


This code was taken from this StackOverflow thread.

I've only tested this on Heroku, so if it doesn't work for you, please send a pull request and I'll merge.

If you're using Heroku, and have no idea how to setup SSL, read this great article which talks about using the new SSL endpoint addon (which fucking rocks!).


Build Status

Want to run the tests? No problem:

$ git clone git://
$ cd django-sslify
$ python develop
$ python test sslify

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