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Simplifying ``views.say`` docstring.

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commit 56beb966e11504569194e7abfc3bcf6240806db4 1 parent f969ece
Randall Degges authored
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@@ -4,21 +4,7 @@
def say(request, text, voice=None, language=None, loop=None):
- """Use twilio's text-to-speech engine to read off a message to the caller.
- Full documentation available on twilio's website:
- :param str text: The text to read to the caller. Limited to 4KB.
- :param str voice: Which voice should Twilio use when reading the text?
- Available options are 'man' or 'woman'. Defaults to 'man'.
- :param str language: Twilio currently supports languages 'en' (English),
- 'es' (Spanish), 'fr' (French), and 'de' (German). Defaults to 'en'.
- :param int loop: How many times should Twilio repeat the text? Defaults to
- 1. Specifying 0 will make Twilio repeat the text until the caller hangs
- up.
+ """See:

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