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Adding a new fixture.

This fixture has two :class:`twilio_view.models.Caller` models defined, one
that is blacklisted, and one that isn't. This way, we can run tests to make
sure the blacklist functionality is working.
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1 parent b5c76a0 commit 5d2e70d992c5338a76195c0960c20303236f49aa @randalldegges-okta-2 randalldegges-okta-2 committed Jul 3, 2011
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@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+[{"pk": 9, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "caller", "name": "caller", "app_label": "django_twilio"}}, {"pk": 5, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "contenttype", "name": "content type", "app_label": "contenttypes"}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "group", "name": "group", "app_label": "auth"}}, {"pk": 8, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "logentry", "name": "log entry", "app_label": "admin"}}, {"pk": 4, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "message", "name": "message", "app_label": "auth"}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "permission", "name": "permission", "app_label": "auth"}}, {"pk": 6, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "session", "name": "session", "app_label": "sessions"}}, {"pk": 7, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "site", "name": "site", "app_label": "sites"}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "contenttypes.contenttype", "fields": {"model": "user", "name": "user", "app_label": "auth"}}, {"pk": "e0712a26634a7a351f9ef3f9fa0d4e85", "model": "sessions.session", "fields": {"expire_date": "2011-07-16 23:36:07", "session_data": "ODdhMmViOTYwNGUzNTNlMzU5ZjM2OWUwNmFmOTMwMTcxNjhkMTlkMTqAAn1xAShVEl9hdXRoX3Vz\nZXJfYmFja2VuZHECVSlkamFuZ28uY29udHJpYi5hdXRoLmJhY2tlbmRzLk1vZGVsQmFja2VuZHED\nVQ1fYXV0aF91c2VyX2lkcQRLAXUu\n"}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "", "fields": {"domain": "", "name": ""}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "admin.logentry", "fields": {"action_flag": 1, "action_time": "2011-07-02 23:36:47", "object_repr": "+13333333333 (blacklisted) ", "object_id": "2", "change_message": "", "user": 1, "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "admin.logentry", "fields": {"action_flag": 1, "action_time": "2011-07-02 23:36:39", "object_repr": "+12222222222", "object_id": "1", "change_message": "", "user": 1, "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "django_twilio.caller", "fields": {"phone_number": "+12222222222", "blacklisted": false}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "django_twilio.caller", "fields": {"phone_number": "+13333333333", "blacklisted": true}}, {"pk": 22, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_logentry", "name": "Can add log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 23, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_logentry", "name": "Can change log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 24, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_logentry", "name": "Can delete log entry", "content_type": 8}}, {"pk": 4, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_group", "name": "Can add group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 5, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_group", "name": "Can change group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 6, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_group", "name": "Can delete group", "content_type": 2}}, {"pk": 10, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_message", "name": "Can add message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 11, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_message", "name": "Can change message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 12, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_message", "name": "Can delete message", "content_type": 4}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_permission", "name": "Can add permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 2, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_permission", "name": "Can change permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 3, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_permission", "name": "Can delete permission", "content_type": 1}}, {"pk": 7, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_user", "name": "Can add user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 8, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_user", "name": "Can change user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 9, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_user", "name": "Can delete user", "content_type": 3}}, {"pk": 13, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_contenttype", "name": "Can add content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 14, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_contenttype", "name": "Can change content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 15, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_contenttype", "name": "Can delete content type", "content_type": 5}}, {"pk": 25, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_caller", "name": "Can add caller", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 26, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_caller", "name": "Can change caller", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 27, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_caller", "name": "Can delete caller", "content_type": 9}}, {"pk": 16, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_session", "name": "Can add session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 17, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_session", "name": "Can change session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 18, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_session", "name": "Can delete session", "content_type": 6}}, {"pk": 19, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "add_site", "name": "Can add site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 20, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "change_site", "name": "Can change site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 21, "model": "auth.permission", "fields": {"codename": "delete_site", "name": "Can delete site", "content_type": 7}}, {"pk": 1, "model": "auth.user", "fields": {"username": "rdegges", "first_name": "", "last_name": "", "is_active": true, "is_superuser": true, "is_staff": true, "last_login": "2011-07-02 23:36:06", "groups": [], "user_permissions": [], "password": "sha1$d3cf4$c04fa0049e006d91858609277277c9300b401b0f", "email": "", "date_joined": "2011-07-02 23:35:30"}}]

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