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Making ``get_blacklisted_response`` work for both GET and POST.

Previously, this helper only worked if Twilio POSTed to us. In preparation for
supporting both GET and POST requests from Twilio, I'm updating this helper to
analyze HttpResponse.REQUEST as opposed to HttpResponse.POST, this way it'll
work in both cases.
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1 parent 1945451 commit caf8e751ce1607c7f7bf888cad7cd8334a14053d Randall Degges committed Mar 19, 2012
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ def get_blacklisted_response(request):
- caller = Caller.objects.get(phone_number=request.POST['From'])
+ caller = Caller.objects.get(phone_number=request.REQUEST['From'])
if caller.blacklisted:
r = Response()

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