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An API client for Data 24-7.
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An API client for Data 24-7.


To install the library, you can use pip.

$ pip install data247


Essentially all you need to do is create a Data247 client object--this holds your account credentials and also specifies which data you're requesting.

You can then make queries using the get method, passing in the search term.

>>> from data247 import Data247, IP
>>> client = Data247('myusername', 'mypassword', IP)
>>> client.get('')
    u'city': u'Bakersfield',
    u'areacode': u'661',
    u'country': u'US',
    u'dst': u'1',
    u'zipcode': u'93312',
    u'longitude': u'-119.227203',
    u'state': u'CA',
    u'cost': u'0.0030',
    u'billable': u'1',
    u'latitude': u'35.383202',
    u'timezone': u'-8',
    u'ip_address': u''


v0.4: 12-17-2012

- Updating dependencies for python-requests.
- Updating codebase to make use of requests 1.0+ (this release introduced
  backwards-incompatible changes).

v0.3: 12-14-2012

- Making `get` method return `{}` on error.

v0.2: 12-14-2012

- Adding support for extra data fields.

v0.1: 11-27-2012

- First release!
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