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Finance::Quote for Google and TDBank

This package contains add-ons to Finance::Quote to allow it to obtain quotes 
from Google Finance and from TD Bank.  (The existing tdwaterhouse and tdefunds
modules don't work.)  They are known to work with Finance::Quote 1.20.

The current version of Finance::Quote can be obtained from 

To install, first install Finance::Quote, then copy and to 
Finance::Quote's install directory (likely something like 
/usr/local/share/perl5/Finance/Quote/), then edit (likely 
/usr/local/share/perl5/Finance/ to add "Google" and "TDBank" to 

To run unit tests, first install then run and


These modules are copyright (c) Rennie deGraaf, 2014.  They are distributed 
under the terms of the GNU General Public License, either version 3 or (at your 
option), any later version.  See LICENCE or <> for 

These are the same licensing conditions as for Finance::Quote.

Contact information

Rennie deGraaf (rennie-dot-degraaf-at-gmail-dot-com)