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Build using iOS 6.0 sdk and 6.0 simulator

- Modify to show how to build the Project
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1 parent 4f9b2c5 commit 6a50a48448c59fc03498d3ae9b67092d5dbd888c Rodney Degracia committed
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  2. +2 −2 Tools/makerelease.rb
@@ -6,4 +6,16 @@ OCMock is an Objective-C implementation of mock objects. Github is used to store
If you are unfamiliar with the concept of mock objects, please visit [][2]. It has more detail about this approach to testing software.
- [2]:
+ [2]:
+Build Instructions:
+git clone git://
+cd ocmock
+ruby ./Tools/makerelease.rb
4 Tools/makerelease.rb
@@ -32,8 +32,8 @@ def buildModules
osxproductdir = "#{@env.productdir}/OSX""mkdir -p #{osxproductdir}")"cp -R build/Release/OCMock.framework #{osxproductdir}")
-"xcodebuild -project OCMock.xcodeproj -target OCMockLib -sdk iphoneos5.0")
-"xcodebuild -project OCMock.xcodeproj -target OCMockLib -sdk iphonesimulator5.0")
+"xcodebuild -project OCMock.xcodeproj -target OCMockLib -sdk iphoneos6.0")
+"xcodebuild -project OCMock.xcodeproj -target OCMockLib -sdk iphonesimulator6.0")"lipo -create -output build/Release/libOCMock.a build/Release-*/libOCMock.a")
iosproductdir = "#{@env.productdir}/iOS""mkdir -p #{iosproductdir}")

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You could just use "iphoneos" and "iphonesimulator" and xcodebuild will use the latest version it knows.

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