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###Raspbery Pi "photo booth" build;

Button, LED count down indicator take a still and uploads it to Dropbox using Dropbox-Uploader.


  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Raspberry Pi Camera module V1
  • SB Components clear case
  • USB Power suply
  • 1 Red diffused LED
  • 1 Push button
  • 1 Tiny breadboard


  • Clone project, code expects to be "/home/pi/Documents/Projects/pi-booth" obviously configurable

  • Setup and install Dropbox-Uploader

    The code actually expects this to be in "/home/pi/Documents/Projects/Dropbox-Uploader" obviously configurable

    Make sure you either run the setup as root or copy the file "~/.dropbox_uploader" to "/.root/dropbox_uploader" once you are done setting up, this is important to get it to start at boot.

  • Wiring:

Push button to pin 18 and the led to pin 17.



Auto start

To start the program on I modified /etc/rc.local to include the following lines

#Auto run the photo booth app
python /home/pi/Documents/Projects/pi-booth/
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