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SeamlessRDP is an extension to RDP servers that allows publishing Windows applications from an RDP server to your local desktop, similar to RAIL/RemoteApp.

SeamlessRDP requires Windows Server 2008r2 or later to operate correctly.


The development of SeamlessRDP takes place on GitHub. Feel free to get involved! We welcome all contributions.

Building SeamlessRDP

The ServerExe directory contains the server-side components of SeamlessRDP: the SeamlessRDP shell and window hooks. It uses a autotools-based build system.

Building from a source archive (seamlessrdp-1.0.tar.gz)

cd seamlessrdp-1.0

Building from a git checkout

cd ServerExe

Cross-compiling from Linux

With a cross-compiling environment for Windows installed, tell configure that you want to build for a Windows platform by running ./configure with --host set to a suitable triplet for your cross-compiling setup. Examples:

./configure --host=i686-pc-mingw32  # for 32-bit Windows
./configure --host=x86_64-w64-mingw32  # for 64-bit Windows


After compiling with make, you can create a zip file with the required contents.

zip -j .libs/seamlessrdpshell.exe .libs/seamlessrdp??.dll .libs/seamlessrdphook??.exe

This creates a file that can be transfered onto to your Windows server and unpacked to any location you'd like, such as C:\SeamlessRDP\.

Example usage

Starting notepad.exe via SeamlessRDP using rdesktop:

rdesktop -A 'C:\SeamlessRDP\seamlessrdpshell.exe' -s 'notepad.exe'


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