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Form Uploads for Rails 3 using Dragonfly and Uploadify.
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FormFly is a demo for Rails 3 that uses DragonFly and Uploadify

This version uses a technique where intermediary images are saved to a separate ImageUpload model while the server waits for the Post to be submitted.

To Install

$ bundle install
$ rake db:migrate
$ rails s

Go to localhost:3000

	1. Add Flash Detection
	2. Video Uploads
	3. Implement Resque to clean up stale SessionWorkaround objects and abandoned files.

January 28, 2011
	1. Completely re-wrote the 'edit' portion
	2. Session variables were disappearing randomly (no idea why). 
		As a workaround, I made my own mini session handling using ActiveRecord. 
		Session variables would disappear and reappear between requests about 10% of the time, 
		so I added a SessionWorkaround model that holds the action state, as well as the session_id. 
		The session_id doesn't appear to change at all. 
		I tried using an ActiveRecord Session Store, but this caused issues with the Uploadify Middleware workaround.

January 23, 2011
	1. Added form edit
	2. Verified it works in production mode in Mongrel/WebBrick/Passenger


Thanks to Daihua for helping me implement Uploadify.
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