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defmodule ShEx do
@moduledoc """
An implementation of the [ShEx]( standard for Elixir.
For a general introduction you may refer to the guides on the [homepage](
alias ShEx.{Schema, ShapeMap}
@doc """
Validates that a `RDF.Data` structure conforms to a `ShEx.Schema` according to a `ShEx.ShapeMap`.
If the ShapeMap is not given as `ShEx.ShapeMap` the given argument will be tried
to converted to one with `ShEx.shape_map/1`.
def validate(data, schema, shape_map, opts \\ [])
def validate(data, %Schema{} = schema, %ShapeMap{} = shape_map, opts) do
Schema.validate(schema, data, shape_map, opts)
def validate(data, %Schema{} = schema, shape_map, opts) do
validate(data, schema, shape_map(shape_map), opts)
defdelegate shape_map(), to: ShapeMap, as: :new
defdelegate shape_map(mapping), to: ShapeMap, as: :new