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RDF Interfaces Extension

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RDF-Ext provides a JavaScript library for working with RDF & Linked Data. This module contains the core classes to handle RDF Model data. Additional modules may be required to handle data in different formats (Turtle, JSON-LD) or stores (Web, SPARQL). The module section lists the most common modules.


In general, consult the RDFJS specification for details about how to interact with the library.


RDF-Ext is available on npm, to install it run:

npm install rdf-ext

In the code, import RDF-Ext:

const rdf = require('rdf-ext')


The preferred way to use RDF-Ext in the browser is using browserify.


It's also possible to use a prebuilt or custom distribution using the RDF-Ext distribution builder. This can be also done using the RDF-Ext distribution builder site.

Than just import the RDF-Ext distribution:

<script src="/js/rdf-ext.js"></script>

Everything is attached to the global variable rdf.


Issues & feature requests should be reported on Github.

Pull requests are very welcome.


There are many modules for parsing, serializing, stores for persistence and simplified data handling. In general all modules are available at npm and you can use the Github repository name to install them.


Also see rdf-formats-common if you want to get support for the most common formats.


  • JSON-LD - Outputs JSON-LD in flat document form
  • or JSON-LD - Outputs JSON-LD with prefix support and more document forms
  • N-Triples - Outputs N-Triples

Also see rdf-formats-common if you want to get support for the most common formats.


  • Dataset - Wrapper around a in memory Dataset
  • SPARQL - Uses the Graph Store HTTP Protocol interface
  • Web - Query an external Linked Data via RESTful HTTP requests


  • Common Formats - Loads parsers and serializers for the most common formats
  • SimpleRDF - Simple but powerful graph to object mapping
  • RDF body parser - Node body parsing middleware, parses incoming RDF data and sends RDF data