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How To implement watch like activity indicator
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Apple Watch Activity Custom Progress Indicator

The Apple Watch shipped with a captivating activity tracker. The center piece is a really cool spiral animation scheme showing the amount of activity during the day. This image is also shown on the matching iPhone Activity App. I have always wanted to see what it would take to implement this myself. The examples that I see typically use a custom drawRect override, but I always wanted to see what it would take to do with CAShapeLayers.

Implementing a 0-100% control is straight forward when using CAShapeLayer. But how do you implement a progress indicator that support progress values greater then 100%? This How To discusses a solution that I came up with along with it’s potential limitations.

This is the source code for a demo application that is decribed in the blog article How To: Custom iOS Activity Tracker View Using CALayers .

Rodger Higgins is the founder of Spazstik Software, LLC. He has created StackCalc, The Visual Touch Calculator and SPZTracker.

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